My Skin

So why not start by telling you a little bit about my skin type!

I AM DRY!!! & sensitive. It’s not the most ideal skin for makeup, but I try and make it work! My skin takes a lot of looking after, and if I don’t look after it then I get all sorts of problems: dry patches, flaky patches, scaly skin, immense redness, breakouts, dark patches, patchiness. It’s just not good, especially for a makeup base! I have to be very careful what I put on my skin also… Certain products make my skin break out and I get burning sensations (not good!) For example: Revlon ColourStay Foundation makes me breakout, badly! My job also doesn’t help, as I am in cold atmospheres for 12 hours of the day, it just makes all these symptoms worse, plus my lips get chapped & it’s just a mess!

BUT! Luckily for me, I have found some products that work wonders for my skin! I probably haven’t mentioned yet that this blog will be entirely ‘drugstore’ as people say… Just the things you can get in Boots & Superdrug! I purchase a lot of my skin care products from superstores like Tescos as well. & they work for me so what more do I want? :)

My Skin Routine:

1. Tescos Hydrating Face Wash – every morning.

2. Nivea Exfoliating Face Scrub – every morning.

3. Creightons Perfectly Clear Purifying Facial Scrub – every evening.

4. Tescos Hydrating Night Cream – every morning before makeup, and every evening before bed.

5. Nivea Micellar Water – to remove makeup.

6. Any type of Cleansing Wipes – also for makeup removal and to cleanse the face.

7. Creightons Spot Soothing Gel – for my breakouts.

8. Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm – to hydrate my lips.

These are all of the products I use on a day to day basis. & they are all cheap! They work for me so they might work for you too, all skin is different though… So it might not!

I should also clear up that yes, I use a night cream for my everyday moisturiser! I think it works just as well through the day as it does at night, plus it is also very thick and creamy which is just the kind of moisturiser I need! It works wonders for me & I don’t plan on changing any time soon! Plus it only cost me about £1.50 (roughly)!

Well I hope I didn’t bore you to death! This is just the basics of my skin care and the products I use! I might to reviews on some of these products under the ‘review’ link in the menu,

see you soon,

B xoxo

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