My Top 10 YouTube Beauty Gurus!


So for this post I will be telling you a little bit about my favourite makeup related YouTubers :) YouTube is where I have learnt pretty much everything I know & there are so many amazing channels out there! I was so overwhelmed when I started watching YouTube at the amount of makeup artists/beauty gurus there were, that I didn’t know who to watch! So I thought this post might help anyone who wants a good channel to look at & I will tell you my favourites here :) hope you enjoy!

  • Jaclyn HillYAAAAAS! Jaclyn is definitely my number one most watched YouTuber! She is amazing at what she does and is so helpful and versatile. She is so genuine and kind and gorgeous, I just can’t stop watching her! Plus her little dog Georgie is adorable! I discovered Jaclyn a few months ago and since then I think I have watched 99.9% of her videos, she is so easy to follow as she gives great advice and tips and explains them so well! She has such a variety of different looks and tutorials that you will NEVER get bored! and she is really easy to relate to, I just love her! & maybe you will too.


  • Stephanie Lange – Stepanie was the first makeup artist I discovered on YouTube. She again is amazing at what she does, she is not afraid to wear what the hell she likes & her Australian accent means I can watch her for hours. I found her when I was looking for pale skin tutorials, and she didn’t dissapoint! The ONLY thing I would say about Stephanie is that the majority of her makeup in her tutorials are a bit more pricey, but who cares? I love watching her and I will continue to watch her regardless! But it’s not just Stephanie who uses high-end, alot of other YouTubers do aswell, I just find my own dupes for the things she uses, and find what works for me. I still love her! Her tips for hooded eyes are amazing! I personally have hooded eyes and her tips really work!
  • Wayne Goss – Wayne is a fellow Brit! I absolutely LOVE his channel! Unlike some of my other favourites on YouTube, Wayne is more of a subtle, clean beauty type of makeup artist, and boy does he do it well! He has got so many tips and advice to make your makeup look natural and glowing and they do work! He is such a nice guy with so much experience behind him & I love to watch him when I feel like I have been overdoing it, to remind myself that I don’t need LOADS of makeup ALL the time, and that natural clean makeup is still as gorgeous as a full face! He mellows me and his videos are like Jaffa Cakes, you can’t just eat one! I can’t just watch one video, I have to watch them all. & Believe me with 769 videos currently on his channel, you will soon find it’s 7pm and you’ve been sat on your sofa since 10am, where did the time go?!
  • KathleenLights – I love Kathleen! Again, another amazing talent, so gorgeous, so funny & I practically live by her tutorials. I love her as she is like me in the sense that she prefers Matte Lips and is quite subtle in some of her makeup looks. Kathleen is my go to channel, when I want to get out of the house, I will park up near a beach and sit and watch her videos and she calms me, I don’t know why but she does. & I love her channel!
  • Tanya Burr – Another fellow Brit! & again another amazing makeup artist! She is great at doing natural skin, and her tutorials are so easy to follow! She is so kind and genuine and I also love watching her Vlogs! There’s not a lot to say if i’m honest because she is what she is, and incredibly talented girl and I could ramble on for hours about her but you would just be better off checking her out yourself!
  • MannyMua – Manny… where do I begin? I only recently discovered Manny & I feel like I have been living under a rock. He is such a personality, I love his tutorials, I love the fact that he is a man wearing makeup, I love how he doesn’t give a care in the world about what people think & he is just doing what he loves. YES! So gorgeous, his makeup is beautiful, & I just love watching him! Slightly jealous that he can pull certain makeup looks off better than what I can, but I can live with that!
  • Patrick Starrr – If your not subscribed to this YouTube channel, then what are you waiting for? Honestly, I couldn’t wear the makeup that he does, not because I don’t love it, he looks amazing 100% of the time, but simply because it is so bold, so in your face & so out there that I would simply look ridiculous. Not Patrick though. I think it suits him so well, & I mean if you a man wearing makeup then it is going to be obvious anyways so why not go all out? I have so much respect for him & he should just keep doing what he is doing because it is amazing!!!! He is such a lovely, kind character & his videos with Manny are HILLARIOUS! so like i said, go subscribe to his channel!
  • Casey Holmes – I feel like I’m saying the same thing about all of these YouTubers, but I can’t help it. They are all amazingly talented, great at what they do, give great tips and tutorials and I love them all & that is why they are all in this post. This girl is no different. I don’t watch Casey as often as I should as she has great videos, and I will definitely be watching more of her videos in the next few weeks! She is gorgeous, she knows what shes talking about and I completely trust her word! Her skin always looks flawless and she is so funny!!
  • Nicole Guerriero & Amanda Ensing – I don’t want to feel like I am repeating myself so much, so these last two I have stuck together as they are so alike to me! & I don’t want to bore you more than necessary! Gorgeous? yes! Talented? Yes! Relatable? Yes! Amazing Tutorials? Yes! What more do you want? They are both great at explanations, great skin, and just being themselves.
    Nicole’s Channel –
    Amanda’s Channel –
    Make sure you have a look through their channels, you won’t be dissapointed!!!!

So that is it for my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus! I hope you found this helpful or interesting, and not a waste of time! I really would recommend all of these to anyone who is looking to self teach themselves or anyone who just loves makeup in general! All images were off & all links lead you directly to the channel of your choice! Enjoy & I’ll see you soon,

B xoxo

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