You Know These Lips Don’t Lie!

Hello My Lovely’s!
I thought I would give you an insight to my absolute favourite lip products and colours at the moment. There are a few certain things I always look for in a lip product; Matte, Creamy, Inexpensive, Lasting Power & Usually Nude. (with exceptions). I tend not to wear pink shades on my lips, I own many but they just don’t suit me and I have searched high and low for a ‘drugstore’ lipstick shade that suits me, and I have had no luck yet! However, any nude shades, darker shades & dusky, rose colours are my holy grail!

I feel I should also let you know that I have swatched some pink shades, although I don’t necessarily wear them but purely for the fact that the product is amazing & I do wear the other colours :) & all swatches were just one stroke of product! Enjoy folks…

L’Oreal, are you F’Oreal?
Holy Crap! The L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks… are…. incredible! I personally love them! They tick all the boxes for me! The colour range is beautiful, the packaging is so cute, they are matte shades (majority), they are so creamy and pigmented, they will last hours on my lips and they are ‘drugstore’! Do I need to continue?… No? Okay!


MUA Must Haves!
I recently discovered the brand Make Up Academy  and I’m not going to lie, I have had mixed reviews. They’re Matte lipsticks are drying on the lips and really hard to apply as I find them quite chalky, They’re regular lipsticks how ever are nice and creamy but not consistent. BUT if you are looking for super pigment, creaminess, non-pricey, full matte lip colours then I would HIGHLY reccommend the MUA Luxe Lip Lacquers! Holy Cheese balls, they are gorgeous! Unfortunately there is only one shade I really wear on myself, as I bought pinks trying to find a colour that suits me, and still no luck! But that red is just…

My other favourite lip product from MUA is their Out There Plumping Lip gloss which I actually really like. I don’t wear lip glosses often but when I do I always go for this one in ‘Buff’. It’s like a nude colour so that’s probably why I like it so much! img_0258

Extra Cheap Lippies from The Colour Experts!
So my next products are from ‘The Colour Experts’ and yes, they are ridiculously cheap. I personally don’t buy a lot of their stuff as it is so vibrant but I did spend £2 on 2 Lipsticks. Yes, you heard right! For £1 a lipstick I couldn’t really not try it. Colours? LOVE THEM. Creaminess? YES! Price? HELL YES. Matte Shades? Uhuh! Lasting power….. Unfortunately this was the only thing I was a little disappointed by. They do stay on for a little while but their not as lasting as other lipsticks. But I mean for £1 a Lipstick I personally have no problem topping up through out the day! Not to mention their nudes are gorgeous!

Big Fat Liner!

My final products (and favourites) are lip liners! Personally I love them! I would ramble on about these, but i’d be here for hours so instead I will just give you the names of my favourites!

MUA Lip Liner – Caramel Noughart
Maybelline Exaggerate Lip Liner – Addiction
Maybelline Colour Sensational – 630 Velvet Beige
Rimmel London Lasting Finish – 047 Cappuccino
Collection Precision Liner – 17 Clover Pink
Mua Lip Liner – Softly Lined

So that is all for my favourite lip products (at the moment)! I hope you enjoyed :)
Until next time..

B xoxo

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