Top Tip Of The Week

Hey you lovely lot!
I’m back once again… yes again! for my top tip of the week!

Last weeks tip was how to make your eyes look larger and more awake, this weeks tip is how to do the perfect winged liner!

IMG_0294I’ve always had problems with my winged liner: too fat, too thin, to straight, to curved, too long, too short.. the list is endless. BUT there is a simple trick that works specifically for your eye shape and will work every time!

IMG_0297 admin-ajax (1)You can still do a fat liner or a thin one, what ever floats your boat! this tip is for the wing itself. In order to get your wing at the perfect angle just follow the line of your lower lash line!  You can do this a few ways, using any kind of tape (preferably medicinal tape that is meant for skin), you can use a brush handle by holding it up to your lower lash line and that should give you the angle or failing that you can simply just wing it.. pun intended. 

Sometimes I do find however, that it can make your liner look quite straight, especially if you have down turned eyes. Another tip is to take a brush handle again, but line it up from the corner of your mouth, to the side of your nose and then the outer corner of your eye, this should give you a more upturned liner and is a great tip for people with down turned eyes. I personally have hooded eyes, so I like to keep my liner quite thin so it doesn’t dissapear under the hood of my eye, but you just do you & If what you are doing already works for you, then please let me know your tips and tricks!


That is all for my loves,
Until Next Time..

B xoxo

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