Chit Chat | One Month Blogging, Future Posts & More!

Hello My Lovelies!

Blog Chit Chat

So here I am, sat through reading many of your posts enjoying some quiet time and I suddenly realised that it has been a month today since I started this blog! A month already! Where did the time go? I must admit, this past month has been so fun for me, for the pure and simple fact that I have really enjoyed throwing myself into blogging and meeting/reading all your beautiful blogs :) call me soppy, I know! So I thought, I’ve got to do a little post, just a chatty one (which hopefully your used to by now) just because I’ve been blogging a month!!!

When I started this blog, I was being pretty strict with myself saying that it was only going to be about Make Up and Beauty as that’s what I wanted to do, but as time goes on I’m learning that I want to share things with you guys and do more personal posts (not to many, it’s still a beauty blog hehe), I won’t bore you with my life, but the odd tag or update! Obviously, I still can’t wait to do more makeup related posts.. because if you haven’t noticed then I’m getting a little bit addicted! But yeah, so that’s the plan for now on!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I first started! I’m still not 100% there, so if anyone can give me any tips it would be highly appreciated! I just want to make this place easy to look around and find stuff, I’m working on it still.. I also thought I should let you know that I really want to start posting on set days, just so you guys know when to expect a post.. but the truth is, there is never a set day(s) when I know I will be free to just sit down and write, so for now it’s as and when. When I get myself a new job, then that will be my first priority I promise! 

Social Media Chit Chat

I was also thinking about setting up some social media sites for this blog specifically, I have only got my personal ones, but I wanted different accounts purely for my makeup things and blog things really, and also just so I can meet some more people & check out your sites and get to know you all better..

The Search Is Over!!!!!!

So if you read my ‘You know these lips don’t lie!’ post, then you will understand that I cannot wear pink lipsticks. Not because I don’t like them, just because they don’t suit me! HOWEVER after publishing that post I decided to do some experimenting with some of my current lip products to see if I can create a combo that will work for me, not only did I find one I quite liked… I found two!! One more subtle pink, and a bolder pink. For my first combo I used my MUA Lip Liner in Caramel Nougart and then applied MUA Lipstick in Tulip. Together this created a more nude pink that I can wear on an everyday basis if I so wish! The other colour was a combination of my Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lip Liner in Cappuccino 047 and my MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Aflush and together this created a more hot pink (yet subtle) lip colour that I feel comfortable wearing. I am however still after lip products that will suit me, so if you have any recommendations then I would love to hear them!

Featured Image Chit Chat

I feel like I should just mention this picture.. I just found this on my iPad and even though it has absolutely nothing to do with anything, I just love it! This is my cat, smothering me after I finished a night shift. & I miss her, so to cheer myself up I thought i’d be a cutie and put her up! p.s her claw looks dangerous, but she isn’t really. big ole’ softy! 

Final Chit Chat

I just want to say how thankful I am to all of you, I’ve really enjoyed being here and I really didn’t think I would get any followers! So Thank You! I must be doing something right!

But for now, I have got to go and pick James up from work.. So I’ll stop this post now before I babble even more! (have you guys noticed this yet? My need to ramble and type and type and type? It does my head in! I apologise!)…

So until next time you beautiful people,
Bill xoxo

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