Things I’d Love To Do Before I’m 30!

Hello Beautiful People!

I hope everybody is having a lovely bank holiday! So today’s post is not going to be beauty related.. okay there obviously will be some beauty talk, I have been seeing a few posts come up that are pretty much like bucket lists, and I love reading them so I thought I’d probably love writing them too! Of course I have a bucket list, I just haven’t got it down on paper. It’s more like a mix of thoughts that are scattered around in my head! So to make this easier on myself, I thought I would do my bucket list for before I’m 30! This post was originally going to be a ‘Things I’d Love To Do Before I’m 25’ but I am 19 already, and time just goes so quickly, so I thought I would bump it up to 30. I hope you enjoy, & please let me know some of the things you’d love to do either in my comments or a post of your own!

  1. Go back to college to study beauty.. something I have been considering quite seriously!
  2. Go to New York <3
  3. Move into my own house/flat and decorate it all to make it feel like I’m living in a New York Condo! Yessss!
  4. Buy myself a Range Rover, as much as I love my little clio.. a range rover is my ultimate car atm!
  5. Spend more weekends away, either weekend holidays to other parts of the world, or just visiting the UK a bit more.
  6. Get Married, James will pop the question one day ;) even if he doesn’t know it yet!
  7. Have my first child. Okay, so maybe this is more for the 28-30 age range but, I still want one before I’m 30!
  8. Loose enough weight so I can be my dream size! & look smokinnn’ 
  9. Have a job in something I love, I’ll get there eventually!
  10. Spend a whole weekend watching the entire seasons of Friends & Sex and The City. These marathons are definitely overdue! 
  11. Have a crazy huge giant makeup collection room, with a massive dressing table and a shit load of makeup… girls can dream! 
  12. Go to more concerts, days out, events etc, and really enjoy my life whilst I am young!
  13. Go to Norway & stay in one of their Glass Igloo’s so you can lay in bed and watch the Northern Lights.. bliss! If you haven’t heard of these, Google it right now! It’s like my perfect place to be!
  14. Have a giant family Christmas like they do in America, and have all the family in one house with a massive tree and lots of food and fun!
  15. Do a skydive.. Typical I know! But how much fun would that be!
  16. Write a book. I know this sounds a little weird, but I have always been into writing, and reading for that matter, and I would just love to write an entire book.. even if i’m the only one who sees it!
  17. Travel!!!!! I have already kind of touched down on this, but I would really love for James and I to get a motorbike and travel from one side of America to the other! He’s definitely up for this too! 
  18. Save!! I am terrible with money, so I’d really love to start saving and save enough so I can budget for all of this expense I’m talking about! Be realistic Billie… 
  19. Create my own business! My dad started at 33 and he’s doing so well! Even if I just start before I’m 30 I will be happy!
  20. Finally, just to be happy within myself and happy with my life, not feeling like I have just settled, but knowing I have pushed myself and made things happen for myself and enjoy it! I’m 19 already, where the hell has the time gone? Before I know it I will be 30 so why not crack on with it now?

Please let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear them,

Until Next Time,

B xoxo

One thought on “Things I’d Love To Do Before I’m 30!

  1. Fun post! You say you’re 19 already, but I have to tell you that time is going to go faster and faster. I can barely keep track of how old I am since I graduated college a few years ago


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