My Garnier Moisture Match & Moisture+ Collection

Okay so I bought more skin care!

Welcome back you beautiful people! Yes, It’s true.. I bought more skin care today! If you can’t tell how excited I am about them already?! Today I’m coming at you with a Review/First Impression/Chit Chat post all about these beautiful little things! Honestly, I’m so excited for this post!

So here we have the Garnier Moisture Match Collection! There are a selection of five different moisturizers, all for different skin types. They are 24 hour hydration and each one does different things! I have two of the five moisture match: the ‘Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Light Lotion for Normal Skin’ and the ‘Moisture Match Revitalising Hydrating Gel for Dull Skin’. Moisture Match also have another collection called Garner Moisture+ so I bought one of these today as well, and honestly it’s the one I’m most excited about! I bought the ‘Garnier Moisure+ Nourish Daily Rich Moisturiser for Dry to Very Dry Skin’.. yaaaaas!  Let’s get on with it..


Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Light Lotion for Normal Skin

I purchased this moisturiser a few weeks back, and even though it may be a little early for a review I am going to do one anyway! I got this moisturiser for the simple fact that it was an illuminating lotion and I really wanted that healthy glow that my dry skin just doesn’t have. Did it deliver? HELL YES. I honestly love this stuff. It gives such a natural glow to my skin and it literally lasts forever! It’s not very thick but it is a nice consistency and a little goes a long way. You guys know that I love my ‘Tesco Hydrating Night Cream’ and I still continue to use that, but I just add this moisturiser over the top and I am good to go. I wear it under my foundation and it literally comes through my foundation, even when I powder my face and gives me that glow all through the day. I just love it!

First Impressions

Garnier Moisture Match Revitalising Hydrating Gel for Dull Skin

So I loved the last Moisture Match moisturiser so much, that when I went to Asda today I picked up two more! Not only did I pick up two more, I picked up two more on offer for £2 each! £2!! Are you kidding me? & For that price you can’t really go wrong. This is a gel formulation and I used it tonight for the first time. So far, I am impressed. It feels so refreshing on the skin, it’s definitely got that hydrating feel to it and I’m really optimistic about seeing the results of this product.Again a little goes a long way but for now, I can’t really say a lot more, but so far so good!

Garnier Moisture+ Nourish Daily Rich Moisuriser for Dry to Very Dry Skin

This is the one I am so excited about. Anything thick, creamy and refreshing is something that stands out to me as extremely hydrating. This is all of them. It is that thick that when I squeezed the bottle to get the product out, I thought there was some sort of plastic cover that I had to remove.. but there wasn’t. It was just that thick that it took a bit of strength to get it out! That is in no way a problem to me. I put quite a bit on my finger, as I thought it would be quite hard to blend all over my face but it really wasn’t. It spread out so well, you don’t need loads of it & it is just so thick and creamy that I can tell I am going to love it! I will definitely have to get back to you on this one because I’m sure I’m sure I’m going to be ranting about this one for a while!


So that is it for today! I am now going to sleep so I hope you enjoy. If any of you have tried these out please let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time..

B xoxo

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