Top Tip Of The Week

It’s that time of the week again beauty bloggers! My top tip of the week has arrived!

Back to Basics: Foundation Tips!

That’s Right! I’m going right back to the basics of Make Up! I often forget about the simple tips that I can post, instead of more in depth ones. I assume that because I know this tip that others will, but I know for a fact that before I started getting into makeup I didn’t have the slightest clue about anything! Which brings me to today’s tip!

Make that match!
So I am someone who is very guilty of just going to a shop, picking the foundation that looks like it ‘might’ match my skin, or the closest one that I think matches my face, and buying it! To begin with, it always helps to get colour matched by a professional or failing that there are other ways that you can match your foundation! You should never match your foundation to your face! which appears to be the logical option. Your face is usually lighter than the rest of your body, so you should always match your foundation to you neck/arm area. That way, your body will not look to pale/too dark compared to your face, and everything will blend together like a dream. Simple right?!

Basic Base!
Before applying your foundation, always make sure you have moisturized at minimum! It just gives a nice base to lay your foundation onto. Of course you do you! But your makeup will lay a hell of a lot better with even a basic base, rather than no base at all!

Get Set, Go!
My final tip for foundation, (Liquid foundation) is to ALWAYS set it with a powder. If you have dry skin, and you prefer a dewy look, then I suggest some setting spray. But setting your foundation ensures that it will stay on all day and won’t budge! If you are wearing a powder foundation, then this obviously doesn’t apply! But once your set, you can get going! Simple!

These are just a few basic foundation tips, I hope they were helpful :)
Until Next Time..

B xoxo

4 thoughts on “Top Tip Of The Week

  1. I totally agree with setting foundation with a powder, especially a translucent one, when I heard someone say you don’t need a translucent powder, I died a little, it’s so good for so many things! Great post! xx.


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