L’Oreal True Match Foundation Review

It’s been a while my friends!

Okay, So maybe it hasn’t been that long! But I feel like I’ve just had no time to sit down and just read and talk to everyone.. let alone post anything. So for today, I decided to do a L’oreal True Match Foundation Review. This foundation is my HG foundation at the moment. It’s all I have been using & I felt I should do a review as I heard so many people talk about it, but it was just one of those things where I thought ‘Yeah, but it wouldn’t work on me!’ Mainly because of my awkward skin! Like many highly recommended foundations haven’t done in the past! But this one on the other hand.. is perfect!


So the True Match that I bought came in a glass bottle, with a silver pump and a plastic lid. I know that the true match used to be in a little coloured bottle? But I managed to get mine with a pump (like the True Match Lumi) which I am so happy about as I prefer pumps to anything else. It’s just really simple and clean and pretty. The colours are displayed on the lid, so it is easy to find your colour but I think whats more important is what is inside the bottle so I will continue…


So to begin with I’ll start with the colour selection. There are plenty of colours to choose from and I’m sure you will have no problem finding one to suit you. I am in the colour N1 – Neutral Ivory, yes I am a pale girl! For each colour e.g Ivory, there are three options: W1, N1, C1. Warm, Neutral and Cool. So not only does it have a colour to suit you, there is also a colour to suit you with your perfect undertone! Do you need anything more? I got the Neutral toned one for me, as even though I am more cool toned, for some reason lately my skin has the yellowy tinge to it. I have no idea what is going on but the cool was just too pink for me! So I opted for the neutral to try and balance that out and it worked out pretty darn well!

Next up, the foundation it’self.. It is an extremely liquidy foundation and has a very watery consistency. I personally don’t mind that as it claims to be a ‘super-blendable makeup’ and boy is it! This stuff blends like a dream. It is more of a natural finish, but it definitely has coverage! It is not full coverage but I would say this is definitely buildable.

I have very dry skin as you can imagine, so I probably should of chosen the ‘True Match Lumi’ but even though I got the regular True Match, it doesn’t look dry or too matte. It doesn’t cling to my dry patches and I just think it feels so light weight and natural. I do really recommend this foundation.

I think the only down point to this, (a very minor down point) is that it needs a lot of working into the skin. Even though it is very blendable, I find sometimes it cakes up in certain areas when applying it.. like other foundations do on my skin. So this technically isn’t something bad about this foundation, but many others of mine as well. It just really needs to be worked on. I apply this using a flat topped kabuki brush and then once I have blended and blended and blended I go over it with a damp beauty blender to really pick up that excess product that will cake up on my skin. Other than that, this thing is bloody perfect!


So you guys know I am all about affordable makeup! ‘Drugstore’ makeup is definitely my thing simply because I am not in any way shape or form able to afford £20 for a bloody blush etc. I think there are plenty of good products out there for affordable prices! (as much as I want to buy higher end products, it just can’t happen right now!) Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against high end makeup in the slightest, I have my wishlist (which I will be posting soon for you) but I just cannot break the bank for cosmetics at this current time. Cry face… 

Getting back on track though! You really cannot complain about the price of this foundation.. at all. Most affordable foundation’s vary between say £5 – £15 give or take. I bought this foundation from Superdrug at the price of £9.99 for 30ml of product. Boots also sell this foundation at the same price. I’m sold… 

So that is it for today’s review. I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time..

B xoxo

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