Little Talk & Update!


So this teeny tiny post is just a little chat.. I just wanted to share some things with you guys and also explain a lot of things.

I seem to have come to a halt in my non-stop blogging routine. If that makes sense! I feel like since I started, I have been in a ‘honeymoon’ period, where all I do is blog left right and center.. even though it is for my own enjoyment it is also because I have some big changes and events happening in the nearer future so I just wanted to get posting and posting and posting so it made up for the lost time within the next couple of months! All will be explained nearer the time I promise! Even though I posted yesterday, this week I have been extremely busy with work.. Sixty hours in one week doesn’t really give you any time to do anything! So this will be my last post for a few days :( booo! But don’t worry, I will be back! Who am I kidding.. I’ll find a way and I’ll be back tomorrow… hehe

It’s not all bad though! For me anyways.. I booked a holiday off work starting next week so I will have a glorious nine days off where I can write until my hearts content and my fingertips are hurting! Perfect!  I won’t be sat indoors my entire holiday though! I actually have some excited things planned! James and I will be celebrating our Four Year Anniversary and for that he got me tickets to the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Norwich.. yaaaas! So I will be going to that on the Saturday.. then later on the next week my Mum and I are going to see James Arthur.. again. Yes again! I can’t help it! It is also going to involve a LOT of planning for that certain change I was talking about earlier, So yes. That’s it for my little update! I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday.. It is Thursday right?  Anyways… I will hopefully see you all soon,

Until next time,

B xoxo

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