Oops I Did It Again | Makeup & Skin Care Haul

I think I have an addiction..

So I went shopping again! I think I’m getting a little bit out of control.. but it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while right?! Plus there were so many products that I wanted.. and didn’t have.. so here I am with a Haul! Billie 1 – Bank Account 0.

This post is coming a little bit late as I went shopping last week sometime.. but I have already been using some of these products so it will kind of be a first impressions post as well! Two for one.. even better!

Skin Care

Skin Care is my obsession at the moment, I love makeup but I also love making sure that the base in which I apply my makeup is top notch so that it sits better on my skin! So of course I had to pick up a few bits..

IMG_3741Nspa Ultra-Hydrate Cream

So I have recently discovered this brand, and I have been wanting to try them all out.. but there are so many that I am getting a few at a time. The Ultra-Hydrate Cream stood out to me as I am all about anything that says ‘Hydrating’.. I have dry skin, it’s a match made in heaven! So I pick this up. I have been using this all week whilst I have been at work.. and like I’ve mentioned before my skin goes very dry and patchy when I am at work. This however has completely stopped that! How? Who knows! But I will definitely be using this all the time! The only down about this product is that it has a weird scent.. but I’m over it already!

Nspa 5 Minute Magic Mask

This one I have yet to try. I have been looking for a mask, so maybe this could be the one?

Simple Soothing Eye Balm

Another one I have been using at work. It says that it ‘reduces puffiness, winds down and relaxes tired eyes’. The one thing I can tell you about this one is that boy has it brightened up my under eye area!


Wake Me Up Concealer

Okay, yes. I have got yet another concealer! I haven’t tried this one yet though, what do you guys think of it? I have heard mixed reviews.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I ran out of this little baby, this will forever be one of those products that I buy over an over again! I just love it!

Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer

So I have wanted to try these for a long time! You know I love my nudes, so I got the colour 600 Nude Eclipse. So far I’m liking it. I would wear it on it’s own but today I added a touch of pink lipstick (Mua Lipstick in Tulip) to brighten things up. I love both of the colours!


Maybelline Brow Satin

So  this is my favourite eyebrow pencil! I used up my old one.. out with the old and in with the new!IMG_3745

Rimmel Scandal  Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner  – Nude

So you all know I love white eyeliner for the inner rims of my lower waterline. I decided to buy this nude one. Today is the first time trying it out, and so far I’m impressed! Very pigmented, and it has stayed on all day so far! Perfecto.. not to mention it is sooo creamy!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Black Gel LinerIMG_3751

I decided to try this out today as well, so far I am impressed. I love gel liners , so to me they can do no wrong! hehe… plus this one is VERY black and VERY creamy. I like it a lot :)

Max Factor Crème Puff Blush

I got the colour 10 Nude Mauve. I have heard incredible things about these blushes, and today again I tried this out & I can’t believe I haven’t sooner! The  colour is gorgeous! I think I may have found my future favourite  blush..IMG_3742

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Like I’ve mentioned.. I am dying to try out more Real Techniques brushes, so my next buy Is this blush brush. So pweetty!

That is it for this haul, I think I done quite well!
Until next time,
B xoxo

8 thoughts on “Oops I Did It Again | Makeup & Skin Care Haul

  1. Those baked blushes look amazing. Love your blog would be fab if you could check my latest post out too xxxx


      1. I got mine from Tesco and they were on offer! I think I paid 6.99 for it? Im not even sure, I just picked it up because I wanted one for ages and I saw an offer sign hehe xoxox

        Liked by 1 person

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