Top Tip Of The Week

Okay, so even though it is a day late.. I’ve still got a very little tip for you guys! It really is something so small and simple!

So this Top Tip is all about How To Make Your Lipstick Last!

So it’s always great to just pick your favourite lippy, put it on and walk out the door.. but you might find that quite quickly that lipstick will wear off when eating, drinking or just in general. The simple trick to this is applying a similar colour lip liner underneath your lipstick. Simple as that! Instead of just lining your lips, if you fill in your lips completely with the lip liner first and then go over with the lipstick of your choice and it will last that much longer! I am not saying that it will last all day.. because again when your eating and drinking then of course it is going to rub of a little bit, but it really does make all the difference!  My lip liner collection is getting rather big now, and it is simply because I learnt this simple trick.. and now I wear a lip liner under anything.. or even on it’s own! So simple, and so easy!

So this weeks top tip was very short and sweet, but I hoped it helped!
Until next time,

B xoxo

3 thoughts on “Top Tip Of The Week

    1. I know! I love it as it’s so simple and lip liners are so cheap! Buy one lip liner & your lipstick will last longer as your not constantly topping up! Love it :) xx

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