Love & Hate Tag

So i’ve been nominated by the beauutiful prettypinkpossum to do the love and hate tag. If you haven’t read her blog then I would 100% recommend it to you as I love her posts, and she is just an all round lovely person :) I love these kind of posts, so instead of all this chitty chatting i’m just going to jump straight into it! 

Rules: So the rules are super simple.. Tell us 10 things you LOVE and 10 things you HATE. Simple!

Things I Love…
  1. Driving
  2. Elephants
  3. Seafood
  4. Makeup.. obviously ;)
  5. Late night tv marathons.. currently friends of course! & yes, it is on right now.
  6. Reading in the bath tub
  7. Searching for appartments in New York.. a girl can dream!
  8. Quality time with people I care about.
  9. Ed Westwick… yes, just yes.
  10. Blogging.. I love you guys :’)
Things I Hate…
  1. Unmade beds..
  2. Bee’s, wasps, july bugs.. anything with wings except owls :)
  3. Ignorant people.. drive me up the wall!
  4. Lack of privacy
  5. Work.. muhahah
  6. Pure bitchiness.. why can’t everyone just get along? Is it really that difficult?
  7. Shaving my legs.. girl problems.
  8. The dentist. Mine looks like Frankenstein!
  9. When my eyebrows don’t go right.. again, girl problems.
  10. Thinking of things I hate when I know there are so many but none are coming to mind.. why?!

So that is my Love & Hate Tag, I didn’t add the obvious things like Family & Friends because we all know about those ones!

I nominate:

Many Little Obsessions
Boho Charming
Living Disrobed

I hope you enjoyed,
Until next time,
B xoxo

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