My Make Up Wishlist

Everyone has those few or in my case thousands of makeup products that are a little out of our reach and can take a little while longer to accumulate. I often binge on drugstore products, just because I can get more for my money and I do like many drugstore items! Let’s be real though, of course I long for certain products that are a little bit or a lot more than my budget allows.

I have been considering for a while now saving up to get some of the items on my wishlist. I have cut my wishlist down a lot as otherwise it would take years to get through. So I will be showing you the makeup items currently on my wishlist that I will be saving for over the next few months! They will be mine…

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer


This is the one concealer that I have been considering for months now.. I have heard amazing things about it especially from my girl Jaclyn Hill! It costs £17 which to me is pricey for a concealer, but if it is amazing as everyone says then I will be getting this baby pretty soon!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer



This is another concealer that has been used quite frequently in many of Jaclyn Hills videos, and anything Jaclyn uses.. I feel I need. I really trust her when she says that a product is worth it, and when she started using this in her videos over her Mac Pro Longwear Concealer then there must be something good about it! Not to mention I am seeing this little baby everywhere.. all over youtube and the reviews I’ve read have been amazing. Once I have tried the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer, I will definitely be picking up this baby!

Becca Opal Highlighter



I am a big lover of highlighters. This one has been talked about everywhere!! I am debated whether to get this over the moonstone highlighter in this collection, but as long as I eventually own one of these highlighters.. I will be made! It’s just so preeeetty! The price however, isn’t so much…

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer


I love a good bronzer just as much as the next person. When I heard about this bronzer, based on chocolate.. It’s like Billie in a compact! Not to mention the packaging is really gorgeous and I feel like I just need this in my life. £25 means it will be a while until I can hold this baby in my arms.. boooo.

Makeup Geek Eye shadows & Foiled Eye shadows


I am literally dying to have my own collection of makeup geek eye shadows. The reviews are amazing, the formula looks amazing as well as the pigmentation. Some people have said that these eye shadows are better than Mac eye shadows, and to me Mac eye shadows are the eye shadows! How many times can I say eye shadows in one little sentence? Although they are technically ‘drugstore’ prices, to me they are still a little too pricey as for one single eye shadow it is $5.99 and for a foiled eye shadow it is $9.99. Which will add up quickly! Plus I would need a palette to stick them all in.. but I’m going to start working on getting myself some of these beauties..

Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick



I don’t have to tell you how obsessed I am with nude lipsticks, and let me tell you Kylie Jenner had a good role to play in me wanting this one. I love the colour, and i’ve heard nothing but great things about mac lipsticks. Want one? I’m doing a giveaway here.. When I get the winners lipstick I might have to pick one of these babies up for myself! Too tempting… 

So that is my current makeup wishlist! What is in your beauty wishlist? Have you got any of the items ticked off yet? Let me know!
Until next time,
B xoxo

8 thoughts on “My Make Up Wishlist

  1. I love this post! It sums up my daily struggles. The people who work at Ulta and CVS know me and that I love my drugstore finds. I recently just bought a Mac lipstick and I have to say it is worth the money. That is one product I recommend going ahead and buying now!


  2. MAC prolongwear concealer has been on my wish list for a while too! You will absolutely love Velvet Teddy, I got it last month and it’s such a nice nude.. perfect for all skin tones! xo


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