Top Tip Of The Week

It’s Sunday! Which means it is time for my ‘Top Tip of The Week!’ If you follow me on instagram you would of seen my photo about winged liner for hooded eyes, and how much of a pain it is! So today’s top tip is all about handling hooded eyes!

I have learned a thing or two about hooded eyes, as my eyes are extremely hooded! If anyone here has hooded eyes and wants to know more then I would definitely recommend Stephanie Lange’s YouTube Channel as she is amazing when it comes to hooded eyes! & She sure has taught me a thing or two.. even though I can hack a simple winged liner! Damn it.. 

Meet Matte, Your New Best Friend

Matte eye shadows will definitely be in your favour.. Any shimmer on the hood of your eye will accentuate the hood. A matte shadow will make the hood look pushed back and smaller, like contouring! Shimmer on the lid is fine however, I’m all for a bit of shimma! If you like to highlight your brow bone with a shimmery shadow, then just be careful to not bring it down onto the hood of your eye and you will be fine.

The Dome Shape

The most flattering eye shadow technique for us hooded eye gals is the dome shape. When you are applying your makeup, be sure not to let the eye shadow go past the inner corner or the outer corner of your eye. Then take it up into a dome shape and make sure that you take it up on to the hood! It takes a bit of practice, but you can get the hang of it in no time!

Liner Time

Anyone with hooded eyes knows that you don’t really have a lot of ‘lid space’ on show. So if you want to apply liner to define your eyes, then a good tip is instead of running it along your lid, apply it between the roots of your lashes. That way you are not making your eyes look smaller by covering the lid, and you are still defining your eyes! It also opens your eyes more, and doesn’t hide your lashes!

These are my favourite tips for hooded eyes. If you want to find a way to do a winged liner on hooded eyes then check out Stephanie’s Video here.. I am just no good at it!

I hope you enjoyed,
Until next time,
B xoxo

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