Smokey Eye For Every Season

As a big Jaclyn Hill lover, I have grown very fond of a classic smokey eye. I have put together a little ‘how to’ on smokey eyes including one for each season. Some are more dramatic and some are more subtle, but they can easily be built up or down to your preference! I personally didn’t use any eyeliner for these looks but it is a great way to make your look even more smokey!

Before We Begin..

There are two tips that I feel are absolutely necessary when doing a smokey eye.

  1. BLEND! Blending is key here people! Don’t make me set Jaclyn on you…
  2. Don’t forget your lower lash line! It’s a big part in making the look smokey.

What You Will Need..

Eyeshadow.. of course! For all four of these smokey eyes I have used one palette. I great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. 



This palette consists of 12 shades, two matte and twelve shimmery pans of lovliness.

Makeup Brushes


I use four different brushes to create my smokey eyes.

  • A Blending Brush If you use any brush, let it be this one! Great for blending in the crease and softening any harsh lines that may be created.
  • Flat Eyeshadow Brush For packing on product to the lid for an extra bit of pigmentation.
  • A Small Detailing Brush For getting close to the lash line, and smoking out the lower lash line.
  • Large Fluffy Brush For wiping away any fallout under the eyes. You may not need this, but I do my eyes after foundation, so I use this just to wipe away fallout.

Spring Smokey Eye


For this smokey eye I wanted to go more subtle, as spring to me is more fresh. I started by adding the colour Cracker through my crease using a blending brush. I slowly built up the colour on the outer corner of the eye to deepen the crease and add more definition. I then added Teddy Bear to the inner corners for a highlight using a flat eyeshadow brush. For the lid I packed on Wonderland using the same brush.. which is a really pretty pale pink, perfect for spring! For the lower lash line I took Lady Luck on a small detailing brush and really built up the colour in the outer half of the eye.


Summer Smokey Eye


Summer to me is gold! Like the sun… poetic huh? Again I started by adding Cracker through my crease on a blending brush. I then took my flat eyeshadow brush and really packed on Twister which is such a pretty gold! I went back in and blended to defuse any harsh lines! I did this with all of these smokey eye looks. To deepen the crease I added Lady Luck to the outer corner of my eye & finished off this look with a mix of Lady Luck and Twister on my lower lash line using a small detailing brush. I took this colour about 3/4 of the way on my lower lash line.


Autumn Smokey Eye


This is my favourite smokey eye out of all four looks! I started by blending Lady Luck into my crease, emphasising the majority of the product in the outer half of the eye. I then took the colour Magic which is a gorgeous shimmery cranberry colour and packed it all over the inner half of the lid, with a flat eyeshadow brush. I was quite gutted that the colour didn’t fully come up, but you can get the picture! I then took Delilah on the same brush and packed that on the outer half of the eyelid. Blending everything to avoid any harsh lines! For the lower lash line I took a mix of Lady Luck and Delilah on a small detailing brush and packed it on, blending it down a little further for a more dramatic look.


Winter Smokey Eye


This look is a little more dramatic, but I love the icey blue/silvers. I wanted to focus most of the drama in the outer half of the eye. I started by using Cracker as my transistion shade through my crease, of course using a blending brush! I then put Teddy Bear on the first quarter of my lid. In the centre of my eye I used Dawn which is a icey blue silver. In the outer corner of my eye I used Up In Smoke a shimmery black and gently blended it up to the outer corner of my eye. For the lower lash line I used a mix of Lady Luck and Up In Smoke for a more dramtic lower lash line and blended it out.


So that is it for my Smokey Eyes For Every Season! I hope you enjoyed,
Until next time,
B xoxo

11 thoughts on “Smokey Eye For Every Season

    1. I know it is so gorgeous! The best part is that it cost me £4.99!! They do other palettes as well which I am dying to get, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet:) The eye shadows are so nice aswell, they are really pigmented. The shimmery ones are like no other shimmery ones I own. I just love it! Highly recommended by me xo


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