Slack to Mac | My Makeup Journey

Hello beauties!
I have decided to do a post about my makeup journey. Where I started and where I am now!


I am not afraid to admit that beauty never used to be my thing. I never used to be into makeup, or anything beauty related. After being in a relationship for a couple of years I got into that comfortable state where I never used to care about my appearance. I just want to clear up that I wasn’t dirty or unhygienic, but my sister told me one day that I needed to put more effort into my appearance. I had gained A LOT of weight, my hair was always chucked up & my skin was in terrible condition. Not to mention my dodgy peroxide jobby! After that chat with my sister I decided to do something about it. Prepare your eyes for what your about to see!

ewyyy eww yukkk

Hello YouTube

I started by watching YouTube tutorials on how to apply makeup. I didn’t have the first clue! When I was in high school, I used to chuck on some foundation and mascara and walk out the door. Foundation that was about three shades to dark for me! YouTube is a great place to learn about anything, and I soon found the likes of Stephanie Lange, Jaclyn Hill and Kathleenlights. I bought my first lot of makeup and started trying things out. I remember the first video I ever watched was on contouring.. it scared the living day lights out of me. What even was this? 

So The Obsession Began

The more YouTube videos I watched, the more I practiced and the more I got obsessed. It was like there was a whole other world out there that I never even knew existed. Contouring, brows, baking… undereye concealer?! It’s safe to say I got hooked pretty quickly. Of course everything I was learning was trial and error. It took a long time for me to learn how to do things properly and even to this day I am constantly learning more and more.


My first ever contour.. 

Buff & Blend

After many months of my obsession growing, watching YouTuber’s and reading beauty blogs. I decided to do something for myself. I literally had no idea that any body would even find my blog when I first started! I was literally just doing it for me, as I had all this built up energy in my head solely focused around makeup, and nowhere to channel it. Introducing Buff & Blend! I created this blog at a time in my life where nothing is where I wanted it to be. My job, lets face it, sucks! I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career. My home life wasn’t at it’s peak & since starting this blog.. even though nothing has really changed that much, it has genuinely made me happier. It’s like my own little bubble that I can escape to! That’s why you find me on here so much! 




The only negative thing about me creating this blog is that my bank account is struggling! oops.. I have been spending way to much on makeup,as you can see, but it’s all for a good cause because I am enjoying myself so much and I am meeting so many incredible people! Yes, that’s you reading this post :) 

My First Ever MAC Purchase!


So today nothing interesting was really happening! That was until the postman arrived with my first ever mac order! As you guys know, I am doing a MAC Giveaway! It was only fair on myself that I got myself a little something as a gift for reaching 100 followers! So when I got my little parcel through the post I was super excited!!! Mainly because I managed to tick off a couple of items from my Makeup Wishlist! Here’s what I got..

MAC Matte Lipstick – Velvet Teddy


I have heard incredible things about the MAC lipsticks. You know I’m a matte girl. You know I’m a nude girl. When it comes to lipsticks that is.. So when I got this through today I let out a little squeal. I genuinely underestimated the quality of MAC products and I couldn’t be happier with this lipstick. It is so effing pretty!

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer – NC15


As highly talked about by my girl Jaclyn, I needed this product in my life. I literally just tried this out about half an hour ago & I was blown away. It’s so pretty! & considering I guessed the shade online, I couldn’t of got it more spot on if I tried! For a pale girl this gives me the slightest highlight and I am just in love…

A little something extra


So mac sent me a little tester of their Mac False Lashes Extreme Black Volume Mascara. Again.. not only am I super happy that I got a little tester, what was inside that tube was so nice! I tried it out & I am impressed.. is it too late to add something onto my wishlist? I feel a new obsession coming on!

Me Now.. 


So I am super happy today & I really appreciate anyone who has stuck around to the end of this post! Do you guys own any of these MAC items? What do you think of them?

Until next time,
B xoxo

38 thoughts on “Slack to Mac | My Makeup Journey

  1. Such an inspiring story! I moved from my home state of Michigan almost 2 years ago to here in Las Vegas. I have no friends or family here and it really took a toll on me. Starting my blog was one of the best things I have ever done. I have met so many wonderful people and have learned so much about makeup and beauty through blogs and watching YouTube videos. I feel like I finally kind of know what I’m doing with my makeup now lol. I have really enjoyed your blog! If I haven’t introduced myself sorry! My name is Katie and I’m a beauty enthusiast! :D Though luckily I am moving back to Michigan in October where I will have friends and family nearby again, which will be so much better of course because of my health issues. Sorry for the long comment! I hope you’re having a wonderful week lovely! <3 xo

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    1. Thank you love :) I was shocked just how much this place has an impact on me! Sounds like it’s been your little bubble too :) Thankyou love! I’m Billie :) At least you will be surrounded by friends and family again :) health comes first so make sure you take care of yourself :) its fine! You too love :) & I must ask.. What’s Las Vegas like as I am DYING to go! I live in a tiny town on the east coast of england and I hate it! Places like Las Vegas and New York are like the places to be for me haha! xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re so welcome! So nice to meet you Billie! :) Yes this has been my bubble too! I’ve met some of the best people I know on here! It’s been amazing! I think I would go insane if I didn’t blog! Though I do have the week off from it to get some things done and rest in between getting those things done lol. Well I am from a small town too in southeastern Michigan and Las Vegas is very, very different! A lot of things to do, a lot of interesting people and it’s nice to visit. Though some things I don’t like about it are the heat, the traffic, health care is bad and some people can be not so very nice. At least not as nice as where I come from. Some people love living here and for me I really dislike it. When I move back to Michigan though I will still be moving to a bigger city in Michigan which will be nice and I miss the changing of the seasons and weather (it rarely rains out here!) I never thought I would miss snow lol, especially at Christmas time. There are a lot of tourists here and I think it would be best for someone to make a move out here if they already knew some people living out here. Just my advice. :) xoxoxo

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It does seem like an extremely busy place! I’d love to visit though, for the experience haha! My ultimate city to live in would be New York! Ah man I need to be there! At least you will be closer to your friends and family :) & you get to have a white Christmas haha! Xo

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah you should definitely visit one day. I think you would have some fun. I would love to visit New York City someday too. Though “visit” is the key word for me…not live there haha! xo


  2. Love this post! Thank you for sharing your story! For many of us, blogging is a way to escape our own world and meet a lot of new people on here! Also, love that you got your first MAC products! I haven’t tried the concealer, but I’m a big fan of their lipsticks!!

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  3. You look gorgeous! And you seem to be a beautiful person on the inside, too. I started blogging just a week or so ago and I am so in love with the sense of community and how supportive and nice everyone seems to be. I was worried it was going to be like a competition between beauty blogs, but I love coming onto WordPress and seeing how wonderful everyone is and learning from them. :-) I’m Yasmine btw and I look forward to supporting each other as our blogs grow :-) Side note: I have my first ever MAC lipstick on the way as we speak (er… type)! I’m so excited!!


    1. Thankyou so much love! I was so shocked with the sense of community it’s so nice, you meet some amazing people :) hi yasmine I’m Billie :) awesome! What shade did you get? :) xo


  4. Velvet Teddy is one of my favorite MAC lipsticks and I absolutely adore it!! I reach for it more often than not, even on days when I could pull off a bright lip. It’s just so comfortable and I love not having to worry about checking to make sure it’s faded!


    1. Velvet teddy is honestly the nicest nude ever! I was expecting something nice but it’s on a whole other level.. So pretty! Thankyou sweet xo


  5. Awesome post! I made my first MAC purchase several weeks ago too. I opted for the StudioFix foundation as I am running out of the other one I use. Looking forward to reading more!!


      1. I like it, but it is more coverage than I like. I hate being able to see foundation on my face when I look at it closely so I typically wear a really lightweight one! I’ve read that the studio fix is technically a medium coverage foundation. Also, it’s a bit annoying because it doesn’t come with a pump & it’s really hard to get out of the bottle! They do sell a separate pump. I almost got the matchmaster (includes a pump), but it has less shades so the lightest one didn’t work on me!


  6. Great post! Loved reading your story! I used to be the same, I never had an interest in beauty and here I am sitting with a beauty blog haha! You look lovely btw :) I really need to try the MAC concealer, I always hear such great things about it!


    1. Thankyou love! I never thought in a million years I would have a blog but it’s the best decision I have ever made! The pro longwear concealer is amaaaazing only had it 2 days and I am loving it like crazy! Xo

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  7. Great inspiring post – I kinda lost myself over the past few years with regards to taking care of myself, then I too discovered YouTube and rekindled my love of all things beauty and entered into the bloggersphere! I enjoy reading you blog and have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award – for more details check out my recent post ☺️


    1. Such a great feeling isn’t it! 🙊 thankyou so much! I have already done this award though but I really appriciate the nomination :) YouTube is my favourite place hehe xo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou :) I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m getting there! & not gonna lie a good contour will hide my chinny chins on a good day haha 🙊 xo


    1. I want some of the nars blushes but of all the things I really want I have narrowed it down and I am focusing on a few things at a time :) easier for me that way! So far I am absolutely loving my mac products! I really underestimated the quality.. So pretty 🙊

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  8. I loved reading this post :) Congratulations on a new stage of life, and on starting up your blog! Can’t wait to read more posts in the future.


  9. Your Story is truly inspiring, I didn’t come into make-up until last year. Youtube has contributed to that and I was able to get experience doing my friend’s makeup and my own. I still have a long way to go but this has inspired me to go forward :)


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