Top Tip Of The Week

 Happy Sunday Lovelies!

As it stands it is 6:44am, and I am still on call for work. I have been up since half five. Whilst I wait for the next 15 minutes, I thought I would share this weeks top tip. Be warned this one will be a little bit longer!

So today’s top tip is all about ‘How to make the most of your storage!‘. If you are a makeup hoarder like myself, then your storage seems to somehow shrink what seems over night! It’s no secret to you guys that my job doesn’t allow me to buy these big practical storage units for my makeup, so I just make the most of what I have got. Here’s my tips for makeup storage on a budget!

Search The Internet

We all know the internet is great for so many things. You may like searching around the shops, but you might end up spending a little more than you really want to. I know, I’ve done it! In an ideal world, I would love the Ikea Pots that are so pretty and most people use for their brushes, but at £6.99 a pop, although they are not really expensive, when you have a lot of brushes you need more than one. I don’t fancy spending £21 on a few plant pots so after browsing the internet, I found some other little pots that do the same job, for so much less! Plus, I need the extra money for my makeup hoarding.. of course. I would recommend office supply stores or even eBay to find cheap alternatives!

My brush pots were from Lakeland & cost me just £1.99. Plus they are a really good size! I got 3, so all in all it cost me £6, cheaper than one of the Ikea pots!

One Drawer Does Plenty

I store my makeup in little wooden drawers. Each unit has three drawers, and to be quite honest they are not big enough to fit anything in! I got one set when my makeup obsession first began & now I have three. Considering how much makeup I actually buy, I am proud that I can store so much in them! I got my drawers from B&M. A very popular homeware store here in the UK. It’s so cheap as well! Each unit cost me £4.99… When I first bought these I really liked them, but since buying them they have came out with so many new designs of these, which is a little bit annoying as I can’t have mismatched units :( but they are cheap, and they are doing the job for me so far!

Instead of going out and buying a new set whenever those three drawers were full, I would rearrange everything. With my ever growing lipstick collection, quite frankly they would fill up one unit on their own. Instead I would take a drawer out and place it on top, so that I have created two shelves. I use the actual draw to store my lipsticks standing up, and the empty socket to store face powders, highlighters and bronzers as quite frankly, the drawers are too small to even fit those in! I have also done this for my foundations. I would usually fit two foundations in one drawer. Now that I have created two ‘shelves’ I can fit 7 foundations and 4 primers in one drawer, and put more powders in the empty sockets. So handy! 

Makeup That Is Not Being Used

I would recommend that if you have any old makeup that you want to keep, but you don’t want to use right away, then get a seperate small chest of drawers. I got the cheap ole’ plastic ones as this was my first ever makeup storage and now I just use it to store any old makeup or makeup I am not ready to open. I also store other beauty products like cotton buds, cotton pads, hair products and skin care in these drawers to keep everything under one roof and out of my way. Even though these drawers are bigger, they can be tucked away as they are so small. I would take a photo of my storage drawers for you, but they are literally tucked away right now and really hard to get to, but this is the kind I mean… This also cost me £4.99 believe it or not, and they were also from b&m.


So there we have my main three tips on how to make the most of your storage on a budget, I hope some of this was helpful to some of you!
Until next time,
B xoxo

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