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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you’re all well :)

This post is long overdue! I have been dying to share with you this post, but I have been holding back so I can give you an honest and accurate opinion. This is my Real Techniques Collection! Something I have been working on for quite some time. You guys know that I am just in love with these bushes and I think that Sam and Nic have done an amazing job with them! When I visited their website and found that the price was pretty much halved, this happened…


So above are all of the brushes that I now own. Sometimes I just stare and admire them.. I went a little bit over board, but it is all for a good cause! So this post is going to be all about these little babies, it may take a while. It will be all about their use, a mini review and what I think of them and how I use them blah blah blah.. So let’s go!

The Stippling Brush


This brush is my favourite for blending in foundation. I find it doesn’t steal my product and it distributes it amazingly. Stippling is the best way to apply product for your skin, it is basically just dabbing product around your face rather than rubbing and buffing it in. If you start to drag it, it can leave streaks on your face. By dabbing, you are smoothing down any dry flaky areas and the little hairs on your face. By stippling your foundation in as well, it is not going to turn your face all red where it has been pulled about, and it is the gentlest form of application. It gives an amazing finish, and it is by far my favourite! My go to brush!

The Expert Face Brush


I love this brush when I want a more sheer amount of foundation. It distributes the foundation very well but I do find that this streaks quite a bit. I always apply my foundation in downwards strokes and then pat using this brush to blend everything in. Sometimes I do find however that I need to go over with my stippling brush, just to get a better finish. I also find that this brush steals quite a lot of my product, but I don’t mind that if I want a more sheer coverage as it stops you from going overboard with your foundation. The shape of this brush is great as it gets right into every little gap and ridge of the face, really ensuring that you are covered! I only really use this when I want a more sheer coverage, otherwise I always find myself grabbing the Stippling Brush.

The Buffing Brush


I don’t know if you are familiar with the buffing technique, to create a flawless photo shopped face without the Photoshop. It is a great technique and I sometimes use it when I find my makeup isn’t looking as flawless or blended as I would like! This brush is great for that! It is also great for applying a powder foundation as it really helps give you that full coverage and it blends out beautifully. I have used this for my regular foundation also and I find that it blends liquids just as nicely and it doesn’t leave streaks either.. bonus!

The Powder Brush


If some of you read my most recent haul, I spoke about a powder brush that I really like. This brush is up there with the wilko brush, just that little bit better. For one, this powder brush is for a lighter application of powder as it is very fluffy and not too dense. The other brush is rather dense! This sets your foundation so beautifully as it applies such a light amount, but it is not obvious that you are wearing powder. It is also not completely round, it is more oval so you can really get in places that are more awkward, like in between the brows.

The Blush Brush


Hands down, the best blush brush I have ever used. I don’t know what it is about this brush, it is just perfectly angled and tapered. It blends like a dream and it is so light and fluffy! It can give the most subtlest effect or really pack on that pigment. My go to blush brush!

The Sculpting Brush


This brush is the newest in my collection. Nonetheless, I have been loving it for creating a super sculpted contour. It is angled to create lovely sculpted cheekbones and it is also quite narrow to get around the temples and under the bottom lip. It blends powders beautifully and I have been reaching for this brush more often than not!

The Contour Brush


This brush is possibly the most versatile out of all of these brushes. It can be used as a really light and subtle contour. It can be used to bronze, highlight, set concealer and even blush for a more precise application. Again, like all of these brushes, it blends like a dream and is perfectly tapered to really concetrate the product into the hollows of the cheeks when contouring. It is a great all round little brush.

The Setting Brush


This little fella is my life saver for setting concealer. It is tapered to a point for getting right into the inner corners and is so fluffy. Great for powder application. It can also be used as a highligher brush as it is quite dinky so you can concentrate the product where you want it, rather than using a larger brush and getting it everywhere! It is really quick to use as well. A great little brush!

The Pointed Foundation Brush


This brush is technically called a foundation brush, but I don’t like using a flat brush for my foundation as I find that it doesn’t blend out how I like it. I do however like to use this to apply the foundation and then go in with either my stippling brush or my expert face brush to blend it out. It gets right into those awkward areas such as around the nose, in between the brows which the larger brushes can’t quite get to. This brush is great as you can build your coverage to how you like it, you can apply less for a more sheer coverage or more for full coverage. The world is your oyster with this brush, but I would recommend going in with one of the other brushes to blend it out. Contradicting that, I like to use this brush to blend out my concealer. It gets right into the inner corners and it is great if you have got more time to really blend it.

The Concealer Brush


This little dude is amazing for applying concealer as you can really control how much you are applying. The angle means you can again get into all the little crevices around the eyes and nose and even the brows if you like to conceal there. The angle creates more harsh lines so I like to blend out with either a beauty blender, sponge or the foundation brush.

The Miracle Complexion Sponge

If you have been a regular here for a little while, then you will understand just how happy I was when I received this through the post! Obviously, this sponge is a whole lot dirtier since taking these photos as I have been using it non stop! It is such a clever little invention and I am super happy I finally replaced my beloved beauty blender! This is my number one tool for blending concealer and as much as I like change every now and then.. I find it hard to stray from this little guy. The regular beauty blender is egg shaped, yet this has one flat edge and one pointy end. The pointy end is amazing for getting around the eyes and blending out the concealer, The sides are great when you need to move product around as you just roll it across your face and it does the moving for you, but so much more gentler. The flat end is an amazing addition as it blends out an area without moving it anywhere else. Great for the chin and forehead areas. You can use this to cover blemishes or to apply your full face of foundation. It will do it all! The best little invention of all beauty tools if you ask me. Another great tip is to dampen it if you want your concealer to be more sheer. It will also pick up any extra product whilst it is at it as well!

The Deluxe Crease  Brush


This brush is a very dense blending brush for the crease, I personally think it is a little bit too big for my eyes but I love using it to blend out the edges of a smokey eye after I have finished. I have also used this brush to highlight as it gets right into the cupids bow and the brow bone so you have more control.

The Base Shadow Brush


I have been using this brush for everything when it comes to my eyes. In the crease, on the lid, the inner corners and the brow bone. Even the lower lash line! It is such a great size and shape, it really blends product as soon as it touches your lids and just leaves your eye shadow looking gorgeous.

The Brow Brush


This tool alone has converted me to a powder brow kind of girl. It makes your brows look so natural and the angle is amazing for creating a sharp, sculpted brow. Even when using powder. It just fills them in amazingly. I finish my brows of with my Brow Drama Mascara and it takes half the time of my old brow routine. Amazing brush.

The Detailer Brush


This is another brush that is so versatile! It can be used as an eye shadow brush, concealer brush or lip brush. Any small area which require a smaller brush for detailing or precision! I love using it to pack on eye shadow to the lid, or line my lips with liquid lipsticks etc. It does require a fair bit of cleaning in between uses though!

The Accent Brush

This brush is so teeney tiny that it is perfect for really detailed work. Lining the lashline, working with the lower lash line. You could even use it for your brows. It is great for packing product onto the lid as well, although I personally prefer the detailer brush as it is slightly bigger!

The Fine Liner Brush


Before getting this brush, I always used an angled brush for my gel liner. Once I used this however I was converted! It is great for lining close to the lash line and it is so small and precise that you can really create sharp beautiful lines. I even use it with shadow to smoke out my lash lines. Great for really detailed jobbies!

So that is all of the brushes that I own! Do you own any of these brushes? What do you think of them? I am so happy that I finally have these and I really think they are great quality. I would definitely recommend these to anyone! There is a brush for every job imaginable!
Until next time,
B xoxo

13 thoughts on “Luscious Brushes | Real Techniques

  1. Real Techniques are my absolute favourite. My collection is not far off this. Ive just picked up the Duo Fibre set from Tkmaxx of all places. Love love love them!


  2. I have the sculpting brush and the miracle complexion sponge and use them every day! Such great tools and I can’t wait to try some of their other products!


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