Make Me Blush

Blushes are such a pretty addition to your makeup collection. They are a pop of colour to the cheeks that give you that lovely rosy feel. Blushes come in such a variety of shades, textures and finishes, so there is something to tickle everyone’s fancy. This post is going to be all about my favourite blushes and my most wanted as well! As a pale, pink under toned individual, my skin is naturally rosy and pink. I never used to wear blush as the second I get hot, flustered, embarrassed or I feel any kind of emotion.. my cheeks flair up! It is only in the recent months that my blush collection has really lifted off and I am becoming a bigger fan every day.

When I am wearing minimal makeup with less coverage, I tend not to wear blush as my rosy cheeks come through so there is no point. Where as when I am going full face I absolutely love to use blush!


#1 Max Factor Creme Puff Blush


These blushes are so super gorgeous. I would recommend them to anyone who was looking for super pigmented, glowy blushes. They are not glittery in anyway, instead they have a slight sheen which gives the most natural glow. They are not overwhelming either. Just the perfect touch to finish off your makeup. I keep going back to these blushes as they are so pretty.

#2 Essence Silky Touch Blush


Like the Max Factor blushes, these too have a gorgeous natural sheen creating a beautiful glow. When looking at these blushes in the little pans, they look almost matte.. but they have such a natural shine to them which looks really pretty when you are trying to achieve a more natural look. They come in so many pretty colours, so there is a blush for all seasons, days, nights, parties, or if your just pottering around the house. Plus they are really well pigmented and super cheap!

#3 Makeup Academy Blusher


These blushes are great as they come in such a good size, they will last you forever! Not to mention that MUA have done an amazing job with the pigment of these blushes. Unlike the other two blushes, some of these blushes have more glitter specs in them than a soft sheen. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after applying it I was won over. It acts as almost a highlight as well as a blush, and the colour selections are so pretty. Not to mention they are possibly the cheapest blushes out there!

#4 Collection Blush


These matte blushes are right up my street! I love matte, as you may know by now! The colours of these blushes are so pretty and the pigment is impressive. They are gorgeous for winter or autumn and they are super affordable as well!

#5 Gosh Natural Blush


These blushes are exactly what they say they are.. natural. The colour selection is so pretty yet not too out there and I love the packaging. Sleek black does something for me, which I am not quite sure what! The pigment is on point and again they are really affordable. I love these for when I want a concentrated highlights. I will use a matte blush, either these ones or my collection ones, and then just apply a highlight where I want it. Sometimes I prefer it that way than a glow all over my cheeks.

Most Wanted

So I have a certain few blushes that I am dying to try!

#1 Milani Baked Blush 


I hear Nikkietutorials talk about this all the time, and it looks so gorgeous on her & her pale skin. So I am dying to get it. Plus the packaging of these blushes are to die for! You could only imagine my shriek of excitement last night when I found out that they were drugstore prices when I always thought they were high end! Scoree… 

#2 Sleek Blushes


I am a big lover of sleek, and I won’t lie to you.. I feel like I need to own every one of their blushes. I love the colours, the packaging and it doesn’t help that so many of you give amazing reviews on it. It’s meant to be…

#3 Charlotte Tillbury Cheek to Chic Blushers


Recently I have been no stop watching Charlotte Tillbury on YouTube, there is something about her that means I can’t stop watching! since watching her videos, I am falling in love with her products, especially the blushes. What’s a girl to do…

#4 Morphe Blush Palette


Of course, something recommended by my queen.. Jaclyn Hill! The minute she showed us that Morphe blush palette it was like I had died and gone to heaven. There are so many gorgeous colours.. I just can’t!

#5 Becca Blushes


Like the highlighters, I am dying to try out the blushes too! They look so god damn pretty and pigmented! Probably my most wanted blushes out of them all! bank account is cringing!

So that is all for my blush favourites and most wanted! What are your favourite blushes? Or your most wanted? Let me know because I love hearing your thoughts!
Until next time,
B xoxo

16 thoughts on “Make Me Blush

    1. When I was looking at them I thought they would also look nice as a highlighter! I may have to get myself one because I have heard nothing but amazing things about them! xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Love them! I am actually wearing mine right now as a highlighter. Ill tell you the color as soon as I get home today =)


  1. Very pretty colors! I really want to try the Essence blushes, well their products in general. I think you would really love the Milani Baked Blushes! They’re so nice! :) xo


  2. Blushes are one of the products that I’m experimenting right now. Blushes and I have a love hate relationship as there are times they agree with me but other times it’s like boom! Slapped! I am getting better with practice though.


    1. Yeah I understand that feeling haha! I always think blush looks better on me when I’m wearing full coverage foundation as it hides my redness so i don’t look extremely pink and rosy when I apply blush! If I am going more low coverage I usually won’t bother xo


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