Pretty Pet Peeves

Even though I love makeup, there is always certain things.. little or big, that drive me up the god damn wall! We have all got pet peeves, so I thought I would share with you my makeup related pet peeves. In all fairness there wasn’t as many as I thought there would be. You guys know I love makeup, but it’s not so much the products but more the techniques or application of said products.


I am going to have to say this! This is in no way shape or form a dig at anyone, it is more things that I cannot stand to do on myself. If any of these things work for you, then you do you! They are just things that I cannot stand for me personally! I’m a little OCD!

So now that we have got that sorted, I’ll get straight into it!

Liquids & Powders

I do my makeup in stages. I do all my liquids first then finish off with powders. One of my absolute pet peeves is putting liquids over powder.. Something so simple can turn you cakey sooo fast! Even if I am shaping my brows with concealer which isn’t very often, I always wait to powder my face until afterwards! Otherwise I end up looking like this…


Cake anyone? 

Overdrawn Lips

I don’t mind slightly overdrawn lips.. they don’t bother me. If done right the results can be gorgeous. My pet peeve when it comes to overdrawn lips is when you add a gloss over the top. The gloss reflects the light and shows your natural lip shape and makes it look so much more fake! I just can’t stand it. If I ever overdraw my lips I always use matte lip products!

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Non Blended Eyeshadow

Blending is my religion! Buffing & Blending are both techniques that I live by hense the title of this blog! If I don’t blend my eye shadow it will haunt me. I can’t stand it! Harsh lines and me do not mix..


Nose Contouring

I think contouring is amazing. I admire anyone who can contour their nose as for me I really can’t! It looks cakey and ridiculous on me & is probably one of my main pet peeves. I am so jealous of anyone who can get away with contouring their nose! God damn it.. 


How pretty?! 

Black Eyeliner

I think black eyeliner is great for night looks or dark eye makeup. Why is it a pet peeve for me? It makes my eyes so god damn small & no matter what I do to my eyes it just doesn’t look good. That’s the reason you will never see me with black eyeliner on my water line, I just cannot stand it!



I think I can speak for many people when I say that eyebrows can make or break your makeup. A good brow makes you feel like you can take on the world.. a bad brow however can ruin your whole face. My brows are very awkward and I am still trying to grow them out and sort the shape out. Some of my main pet peeves when it comes to brows are super dark penciled in brows with light hair, ridiculously overdrawn brows, sharp harsh brows or brows like this..


I can’t handle it! 

Finger Blending

I am a bit of a clean freak when it comes to my makeup. I am really quick on making sure that I am not spreading bacteria that quite frankly isn’t wanted. Seeing people blending their foundation or concealer or anything with their fingers literally makes me cringe. It’s my OCD side coming out, and my need to blend! It’s just one of those things that I cannot stand and I cannot do on myself. I would much rather use a brush. Even though when I first started makeup I was very bad at washing my brushes, now that my obsessive need to keep bacteria on the low down has been set free, my brushes are always being cleaned! It’s something I can’t help.. & my final pet peeve! Also brushes can give such a better finish too, don’t hate me! 

download (1)

So that is all for my pet peeves! Let me know what your pet peeves are as I would love to know!

Until next time,
B xoxo

7 thoughts on “Pretty Pet Peeves

  1. I have the same eyeliner problem! It always makes my eyes look small. But I have been practicing making a super thin line on my top lid with a super thin liquid eyeliner. So far results are good! =) xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha yes this was so good! I have so many pet peeves with makeup, sometimes I cannot stand watching people do their makeup because they do things that I don’t, and I’m just like nooo water u doinnn!!??

    As for the black eyeliner thing, I absolutely H A T E when people put it in their waterline, it doesn’t look flattering at all in my opinion, and like you said, makes the eyes appear smaller. As for liquid/gel winged eyeliner, I’ve found it makes my eyes look larger actually which is really odd!


    1. I love winged liner & I do think that eyeliner on other peoples water lines can look good but it just doesn’t work for me! :( xo


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