My Work Makeup Routine

So today’s post is going to be really quick as I have work soon. When I was doing my makeup this morning I thought that I would share with you my work makeup. The atmosphere that I work in is very cold and dry. I work in a frozen food factory after all! Glamorous.. There are certain steps I take that are different from my every day makeup routine, so that I can ensure that my already super dry skin won’t dry out any more than it needs to!

It all starts with skincare!


On a regular day my makeup is usually the main act and my skin care is a supporting act. For my work routine it is the other way around. I do 12 hour shifts in a cold and dry environment, so making sure that my skin is protected and won’t dry out is my main focus. You may sense a pattern here! I always start by using gels, as they really soak into your skin providing the hydration that I require. I use the Garnier Moisture Match Rejuvenating Hydrating Gel for this. Then I move onto creams, starting with the thicker moisturizers and moving on to the thinner ones. Why? I have no idea, it’s just what I do! I always start by using my Nspa Ultra Hydrate Cream which is great as it really absorbs quickly. Then I go on using Tesco Hydrating Night Cream, Skin Therapy Light Hydrating Moisturiser, Tesco Softening Moisturiser and finally the Nivea Express Hydration Primer. I like adding creams last as unlike the gels which really absorb into my skin, creams soak in but also leave a film on the surface of my skin which really protects my skin from that cold and dry environment.

Make Up

Like I mentioned, my makeup is very minimal for work. I do not wear foundation as I find if I do get dry during the day (or night in this case) then my foundation really clings to my dry areas! I always wear concealer however! Night shifts are monsters behind my under eye circles and bags. I like to conceal those straight away to avoid the awkward ‘I could put my shopping in those bags’ comments during the nights. Which have happened to me before! For this I have been religiously using my Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer as it is full coverage.. which quite frankly I need! I apply this under my eyes making sure that I bring it right down to cover any redness, my eyelids, forehead and chin just to balance everything out.


I then go in and use my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer to conceal any little blemishes.

As I am dry and I am going into a dry environment, I don’t really like to set my concealer. I will only set it directly under my eyes to avoid creasing, but everywhere else I will leave for an extra source of moisture!

As always I will go ahead and fill in my brows! I have been loving the combination of Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow – Mocha Love to fill them in and Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara to set them. It is so quick and so natural looking!


I will then go ahead and curl my lashes then apply mascara just to open my eyes a little bit. For this I use my George Curl ‘Em Mascara. I still love this mascara as it doesn’t clump and really gives me some volume and length to open up my eyes that little bit more!


For my cheeks I just like to add a little bit of blush. I usually wouldn’t add blush, but as my concealer is full coverage I wanted that healthy glow. For this I used my Gosh Natural Blush and applied it soooo lightly on the apples of my cheeks.


I like to add a little something to my lips just for the sake of it. I use one of two products and mix them up. I either use my Maybelline Baby Lips or my MUA Lip Liner – Caramel Nougart. Today I used my lip liner as it is the perfect nude colour but is really moisturising at the same time!


That is it for my makeup and this is the finished look! It is very simple and natural and takes about ten minutes to complete!


Until next time,
B xoxo

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