Mac Lipstick Giveaway Winner!

So the big day has arrived! I will be announcing who has won my giveaway! I’m so excited :)

Before I announce the winner, I just want to say how thankful I am for all of my followers and everyone who entered and took part :) Since announcing this giveaway my followers have doubled! I cannot thank you all enough for all your support.. It means so much to me!

I just entered all of your names into the website stated in the original post, clicked ‘draw’ and one random lucky girl has won herself a Mac Lipstick! If you aren’t following her then make sure you click the link below and check out her blog because it is amazing and I am so pleased I finally have a winner and I can thank everyone for helping me reach 100 followers.. which has now doubled since announcing this giveaway! 


So shall we announce the winner?!

In Dishabille 

Congratulations love! So happy to be finally announcing the winner. The result was completely random using the website I mentioned in the original post! If you can email me at with your full name, address and the colour of mac lipstick you would like! Postage may take a little while, but it will definitely get to you at some point :) Congratulations again, and thank you again to everyone who took part!

Until next time,
B xoxo

10 thoughts on “Mac Lipstick Giveaway Winner!

    1. Your welcome! :) I’d love to be able to give every one of my followers something but unfortunately I can’t :( thankyou for taking part xo

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