Summer Essentials

So summer has approached! This time of year is definitely a favourite of mine.. sun, sand, sea and shine. My summer makeup is very glowy and bronze. Something I don’t usually go for as I am a matte girl, but I simply love the fresh faced, glow that summer allows us to own. So here are my absolute essentials for summer!

Inner Glow


Glowy skin is a must for summer, for me anyways. This moisturiser is so amazing for achieving an inner glow to the skin. It is the Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Light Lotion. This creates the most subtlest gleam to the skin, perfect for summer and achieving a face full of dewy goodness!

Hardcore Primer


Even though I am dry, when it is hot in the summer your makeup is prone to sweat off and move around. A trusty primer is a must. For the summer months, I like to keep my makeup minimal, so I like to use a primer that is not only going help keep my makeup in place, but help even out my skin tone at the same time. The Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur is technically not a primer, but it might as well be. I have been using this non-stop for the last couple of months and it does the exact same job that a primer would do, but with the added bonus of a blurring technology to help even out my skin tone. A must have for me!

BB Be you tiful


I like to wear a BB cream as it is so lightweight on the skin and creates such a light natural base. I don’t like to do anything too heavy for summer as I like to look as natural as possible. I achieve this by using the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I have got the shade Light, although it comes out pretty dark in the tube when it is blended it sinks into your skin and sits beautifully.

Conceal Don’t Feel


Concealer is great all year round for concealing any blemishes. In the summer I like to use something that will fit in with my dewy skin. The Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer is great for keeping your skin looking illuminated and concealed at the same time.

Trusty Bronzer


As a pale girl, I usually shy away from bronzers as they are very orange toned on my pink toned skin. For summer however there is one product that is an absolute game changer for me. It does not make me look muddy, cakey or super orange. This little wonder is the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Compact Powder – Light Matte. This is a matte bronzer and specifically catered to us lighter toned girls and guys. It gives the most natural bronzed effect and leaves you looking like you have been laying on a sunbed in Barbados for a couple of weeks. Perfecto!

Beaming Blushes


I love a blush all year round. Summer is definitely when I take my blush to the next level as their are so many peachy pinks and orangy colours that have summer written all over them. This palette is my ride or die for summer . The Colour Experts Blush Palette – Pink Moods is so gorgeous. It is a highly pigmented blush palette that comes with four semi shimmery blushes and two in your face highlighters. I personally don’t use the highlighters as they are a little too out there for me, but the blushes are perfect.

Get That Glow


Of course I need a trusty highlighter for summer. There are so many I love, but for summer I opt for the MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter. There is no better way to get your summer glow than this little bad boy.

Glossy Lips


You know I am a sucker for a matte lip. But what says summer more than a colourful gloss? As I am a nude girl I like to opt for the Essence XXXL Nude Lipglosses. They are so glossy and provide the perfect sheen on the lips!


What are you’re summer essentials? Do you go for super dewy skin or do you like to tone it down? Let me know!
Until next time my loves,
B xoxo

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