Top Tip Of The Week

Hello my lovelies, I know I am late for my weekly post! I have been super busy..

It’s never to late to share my top tip of the week with you though! So here I am once again, and this weeks top tip is going to revolve around us dry skin lot! I understand that all different skin types have certain cons that make each individual one hard to work with. I am going to start with dry skin this week, and I will do the other skin types in other weeks to cater for everyone!

Dry Skin Cons

I’ll begin with telling you all some of the cons that come with dry skin. If you’re dry, you will know exactly what I am talking about!

Uneven Skin Tone


I find that because I am dry, and pale, I have some problems with my skin tone. I have a lot of redness, and also darker areas where my dry patches are. I just got out of the shower.. excuse the towel! 

Weird Skin Texture


My fellow dry skin beauties might know what I mean by a weird texture. Depending on your skin care routine, your skin can feel soft, yet look like you have very small bumps especially around the cheek area. The one good thing about dry skin is that our pores are usually pretty small or nonexistent! I can only describe it as an orange peel texture..

Flaky Patches


Of course, dry skin means dry patches. Dry patches means that you will more than likely start flaking. When you apply makeup, whatever products you use can cling to the dry patches and emphasize them. Bloody things! 

My Top Tips

I like to try my hardest to create a good base for makeup. After all your makeup will only look as good as the base you apply it on. Over time, I have made a routine of must have beauty regimes in order to keep my dry skin under control!

Skin Care

This is a major factor for any skin type. Dry skin needs moisture, otherwise you really will dry out. My partner even complimented my skin on how well it looked since I have been religiously following my skin care routine. That’s saying something for a guy whose into motorbikes…  The main skin care products that I would recommend for dry skin are:


  • A good exfoliator! Probably spelt wrong.. apologies. This will help remove any dead skin cells that are laying on the skin. Aka, bye bye flaky patches!
  • A sturdy moisturiser is a must have in my skin care collection. I love any product that claims to be hydrating. After all, dry skin screams for some sort of hydration. There are so many great products out there, but I tend to shy away from any products with oil in them. Oil is great for hydrating the skin, but I just cannot stand the feeling of going to sleep with an oil based product on my face and waking up feeling like my skin is suffocating. I just don’t like the slimy, greasy feel. If you don’t mind that feel, then oil based products will work a treat for you!
  • A smoothing primer will help smooth over your skin and create a protective layer for your makeup to sit on. This will help even out that uneven texture on your face and make what ever products you are using glide over the skin flawlessly. Primer is something I use religiously especially when I want a flawless face.

Technique Is Key

The technique you use to apply your makeup can either make or break you. There is one thing that you really want to avoid with dry skin, and that is micro exfoliation! This is basically when you rub or buff the skin, which moves around any flaky bits of skin and makes them stand up on the face, making them more prominent. There are ways to avoid this however, and boy do I have some great tips for you!


  • Pick your tools wisely! For my dry skin I love a stippling brush, great for gently patting your foundation into your skin to avoid micro exfoliation. A sponge is also great to use for the same patting/stippling technique. What’s even better? A damp beauty blender, or sponge, whichever you choose. Making your weapon of choice damp will help add some extra dewy moisture to your skin, almost hydrating any dry patches. It works wonders for me.
  • Like I mentioned above, the stippling technique will be your best friend. It is basically when you pat your product into the skin, almost pushing it into place. It means you do not move your brush around your face, or rub it. It creates a beautiful finish and helps pat down any flaky skin that has appeared. If my skin is in good condition, the only other motion I use is downwards strokes. This is purely to smooth down any of the little hairs on my face. I do this so lightly that you barely feel it. I don’t want to be to harsh as I don’t want to make my skin flair up with redness.

Makeup Tips

There are certain things you can do with your makeup to help your dry skin.

  • Use powders sparingly. I always powder my face. Luckily my skin is in good condition at the moment so I don’t have to worry too much about the powder drying out my skin. When I am really dry, I usually only powder my t zone extremely lightly. I never powder my face heavily, because then I really will look dry. A light dusting of powder will not hurt, but avoid your dry patches as it will emphasize them a whole lot more!
  • Tinted moisturisers are a godsend for dry skin as it is a moisturiser and coverage in one. So hydrating and light on the skin, and perfect for creating dewy skin which us dry bunch struggle with.
  • Cream products are perfect for dry skin as it provides some sort of moisture. If you feel you need to set it with powder, like I just mentioned, a light dusting won’t hurt too much. If not, you can leave it to create a beautiful dewy complexion, which helps to restore the glow that can often be lost in dry skin.

So I apologize for the super long post full of rambling! I hope it didn’t bore you too much. If you made it to this point, then please do not hesitate to tell me your tips for dry skin. I am always on the hunt for more tips to help my awkward skin!
Until next time,
B xoxo

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