Can We Just Talk About Mac Lipsticks

Okay, okay.. while I may be a little inexperienced in this whole Mac situation, I feel I need to write about these. This morning whilst applying my makeup (which may or may not be uploaded later today hint hint), I was putting on my newest addition to my Mac lippies and literally just starting miming some sort of a review in front of my mirror.. I’m strange, I know. There is just so much I have to want about these things and how much I have been loving them. I couldn’t hold my words in any longer, as I just said they were pouring out in front of my mirror! What is wrong with me? I just want to clarify that this is in no way an orderly, well written review, this is my rambling in a review like manor because they are so perfect I quite frankly can’t make my words talk sense! Let’s just go with it? Deal? Deal. 


Love At First Swatch

So as you know my first ever Mac Lipstick was the highly talked about Velvet Teddy. There’s good reason for everyone to talk about this colour as it is… Heavenly. Angels assemble..  *aaaah*.. You know I am a nude lover! So this was the perfect colour to introduce me onto the Mac lipstick train, and can I just say I am now officially on board! Since that first ever swatch, we have been inseparable. I had been wearing this non-stop and quite frankly it barely looks like I have touched it. This thing never goes down! Angels reassemble.. Not only do they not go down, they don’t bloody move either! These lipsticks are the longest wearing lipsticks I have ever used. Worth every penny in my eyes, all 1550 pennies! 


Top: Velvet Teddy | Bottom: Kinda Sexy. 

The Love Affair

So as you guys know, the amazing Indishabille won my Mac Lipstick Giveaway! Which should be with her any day now :) As I mentioned, when I ordered her lipstick I also ordered another one of my own! So now I am having a love affair with the very pretty Mac lipstick in the shade Kinda Sexy. It is another lovely nude with a light pink tinge to it. Perfect for a summer nude lipstick! Now I am having trouble choosing between the two! How does everyone do it?! Although I have trouble picking, I am still determined to treat myself to a new lipstick every so often, because lets face it. Mac Lipsticks are like Jaffa Cakes.. YOU CAN’T JUST HAVE ONE DAMN IT!


A Girl Can Lust

So now I am fully on board the Mac Lipstick train, of course.. I feel I need to get off on every stop and get more! This is bad news for my bank account.. These lipsticks have completely gone beyond my expectations, it may seem like I am rambling a lot about how much I love them.. but they are just the best formulation I have ever tried and I really think they are worth the money. The matte ones especially are made for me! Is it wrong to have relationships with lipsticks? You know what! Let’s not address that matter, and leave it at.. I just love these lipsticks. The pigmentation, the colours, the lasting power, the packaging, the finishes, the whole things in general. So here are some of the colours I am looking towards buying next!

Ruby Woo

We all love and need a red lipstick in our lives, and this one is luuuully.


Please Me 

I have been really getting into light blue-pink shades lately.. so I would love to try this colour out!


Pink Plaid

I can only describe this as a darker version of Please Me but with more coral undertones. So pretty!



I am not sure what kind of a name this is.. but it’s right up my street!



Last but most definitely not least. Do I really have to tell you why I am lusting after this one? Beigey nudes people! Hand them over..


What are your favourite lipsticks? Do you have any favourites from Mac? What shades are your favourite?

Let me know peoples!
Until next time,
B xoxo

22 thoughts on “Can We Just Talk About Mac Lipsticks

    1. I usually find that pinks don’t seem me, but lately I have been liking then I think it’s the summer! THanks love xo


    1. I’d really looove to try twig! Damn it why didn’t I add it?! That’s what I mean there are so many I want to try it’s hard to narrow it down! 🙊 & those blue toned reds are my favourites! xo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I will have to look those ones up.. Especially peach blossom.. It’s pulling me in! 🙈 I’m so inexperienced with mac it’s unreal! I need you guys! 😂 xo


      1. I am now going to look it up :) It sounds lovely if the name is anything to go by.. which i’m sure it will be! xo

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Apart from the fact that I could spend an eye watering amount of money on a MAC stash alone you have reeeeeeally put me in the mood for grapes. Like a complete craving going on here lol XX


    1. I would if I had the money :( I just want to buy everything! Haha, I was on a grape craving at the time hence the photo 😂 random but I enjoyed it hehe xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well thanks to you my hubby popped to the shop and bought me a punnet of red grapes as I’m in bed with such a bad chest infection!!!! Sooooo annoying – the chest infection not my hubby! lol Slowly munching my way through them, just what I needed lol XX


      2. Aw that’s kind of him! I hope you get better soon love! I hate chest infections, they can really knock the energy out of you! Blurrrgh :( all this grape talk to making me want to go to the shop but it is 5:20am.. I may have to wait a few hours 🙈 xo

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haaaa anyone would think we’re a pair of expectant mums lol Thanks again huni… off to Docs this afternoon so hoping he gives me something to lift the remainder. Flippin coughing is sending me loopy *sob* Hope you’re having a fab day XX


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