My Last Post As Buff & Blend

Hello my loves, this is just going to be a really quick post explaining the change of name to my blog.

As you will probably know me as ‘Buff & Blend’ you may wonder ‘who is this Blended & Beautiful person?’ Well it’s still me! Basically I have been contacted about the name of my blog as it is currently the name of a completely different company, to save confusion I have agreed to change my name, and I just wanted you to know :) I wanted to keep some sort of ‘blend’ word in my name as you know blending is pretty much my religion! So I welcome you to..

Blended & Beautiful

Of course there are other changes that you should be aware of also:

Blog Web Address




I have loved my time being Buff & Blend, I have reached some great milestones under that name, but I am looking forward to many more with Blended & Beautiful.. and I must admit that company can pick a bad ass name!


So you know I loves ya!
Until next time.
B xoxo

4 thoughts on “My Last Post As Buff & Blend

    1. Thank you.. I got so stuck thinking of a name didn’t want to completely change it to something entirely different but I needed to change it. Okay sweet :) xo

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      1. Thankfully as I was considering all sorts but then I didn’t want people to get confused but I am happy with the name it has B’s & a form of blend so I’m happy! So happy you like it ☺️ xo

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