Look For Less | Cara Delevingne

Ola my pretties! I’m sorry to tell you that not only are you getting my top tip today, but you are also getting my first ever ‘Look For Less’ post! yay.. I am really excited about this one, as this look was one I was looking at all the time on the internet. There’s something about it that kept drawing me in, I thought it would be a lot harder to recreate than it was but I got there for you guys! & I actually really like it! It is so different but so simple and colourful. What a way to kick off summer! Let’s get into it..

Original Look


So this is the brow queen Cara Delevingne, and this is the look that I will be recreating but for less! Everything I am using in this ‘tutorial’ is low end/drugstore/a load of cheap goodies! I decided to do this look for my first ‘Look For Less’ post as it is colourful and bronzey.. aka Summer!! Let’s get into it!



I do my regular skin care routine as always. I wanted to try and achieve her flawless face so I went in with my Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur and applied this all over my skin to blur out my skin tone. Obviously Cara’s skin and everyone else’s skin is much darker than mine, so I used my favourite foundation for a flawless finish which is the Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation. I stippled this into my skin using my Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

Then I took my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer to conceal under my eyes, as she has a flawless under eye which is not overly highlighted. This concealer is perfect for a touch of brightness but nothing too over board. I blended this out with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Of course once all of this was in place, I needed to set it. As it is summer I didn’t want to set my entire face, as I am trying a new technique to compliment my dry skin. I just set my under eye concealer, and anywhere else that I applied concealer. So under my eyes, my forehead and my chin. I used my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder as always. I wanted my bronzer/contour to blend in seamlessly with my skin so I also applied some of this powder to the areas where I would apply my bronzer so that once it was applied it has something to blend into, and there wouldn’t be any harsh areas.

Bronzing & Contour


Cara’s skin is very bronzed and a tiny bit contoured. I wanted to create a transition from bronzer into contour so everything blends seamlessly, just like Cara’s soft complexion. I started by using my Rimmel Sun Shimmer Light Matte Bronzer to create a ‘transition’ shade for my contour. I applied this on my cheeks/hollows of my cheeks and my forehead, making sure that everything was soft and blended to perfection. I didn’t add too much as I am pale, so I couldn’t be as bronzed as I would of liked to be.

For contour, as always I used my Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow – Mocha Love and blended this out into my bronzer using my Real Techniques Contour Brush. I usually go for quite a sharp contour, but today I wanted everything to be soft and defused.. & I am actually really liking it!



I used three separate eye shadow palettes for this look! I started by working on my lid/crease. For this area I used my Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette. I started by taking the medium brown shade and blended it through my crease, creating a winged effect on the outer corners. I then took that same colour and started deepening the crease more towards the outer edge. I also bought this colour up a tiny bit onto the lid as her eyes are quite dark in the outer corners.


I then moved onto the lid and used the lightest shade from that same Essential Mattes palette. I patted this over my eye to really get good pigmentation as Cara’s eyelids are bright!! I love the stark contrast between the lid and crease, so by using the lightest shade I could achieve that. I then went and blended everything together.

For my inner corner I used my MUA Spring Break Palette. Cara has a shimmery inner corner so I used the colour spearmint as a really nice cool toned icy green, and applied this into the inner corner.


And now for that bold lower lash line! If i’m honest, a turquoise blue is my favourite ‘pop of colour’ choice to place on the lower lash line.. I just love blue and greens and cool toned colours! I used my MUA Poptastic Palette to achieve this look by using the colour atomic aqua. It is a really pretty shimmery turquoise, which I applied to the lower lash line with a small pencil brush.

For my liners I went for a black on the upper lash line to create a more defined dark outer corner and a white eye liner for my lower lash line. I used Rimmel Eyeliners for both.

Finally, mascara! I have been really enjoying the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara. I curled my lashes then a coat of this mascara and I was good to go! I don’t really own any lashes as I rarely wear them, so I just stuck with mascara today!



Of course, the moment we have all been waiting for! I tried to make my brows as bold as Cara’s. How does she do it? I wish my eye brows were like hers naturally, but we can’t all be that lucky! Instead, for photo purposes only, I slightly overdrew my eyebrows so they are closer together. If I was wearing this look for the everyday, then I would fill in my eyebrows like I normally would but for you guys..

You know whats coming! For my brows I used my Maybelline Brow Satin Duo Pencil – Dark Brown as I wanted a darker bolder brow to recreate the legends that live above her eyes! I am quite proud with how they came out, but I would still never leave the house like this as they are clearly drawn on quite heavily!


IMG_1002 IMG_1014-0

Cara’s lips are a very neon orange coral. I was debating between two products for this. The MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer in Atomic was my first choice, but after studying her lips for a little while, her lips didn’t look completely matte and pigmented. Her lip colour was rather sheer and light. After considering this, I went for the Limnit Lipstick in Punk’in for the simple fact that it has the exact finish that I wanted and the colour was nearly perfect. Instead of building the pigment up, I opted for a light application to get the same sheer effect as Cara’s.

So do you want to see how it turned out?…



Overall, I am pretty chuffed with how this look came out! What do you guys think? What products would you use to recreate this look? Let me know loves!
Until next time,
B xoxo

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    1. Thankyou love! I am really into oranges and corals lately and this one is sooo pretty! Plus it is kind of an extra bonus for me as oranges and blues compliment each other, that’s why I was excited to see how it would work on my eyes! 🙈 xo

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