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Happy Sunday you beautiful people! Like last week, I will be doing another skin type tip for you.. as promised. This week will resolve around oily skin! Even though I don’t have oily skin myself, my partner has very oily skin. I am always looking at it and trying to figure it out as it’s so different to my skin type. That may sound weird, but I am just trying to learn.. so he lets me try stuff out of him which is always handy! Not to mention, his sister Chelsea also has oily skin and I do her makeup regularly so I have picked up a few little tips on the way!

Oily Skin Cons

Like last time, I will start by explaining some oily skin cons that have to be dealt with on a day to day basis.

  • Looking Shiny is a big one for oily skin. Throughout the course of the day, your skin will keep producing oil and it will build up and reflect the light making you look shiny. Although, while it can give you a healthy gleam it can also be more oily slick look? Explanation skills on point Billie!
  • Bye bye makeup. Oily skin will not keep your makeup in place. Instead it will move and slide around. You may find you have to touch up your makeup throughout the day as you have become shiny or a bit messy. Obviously this is a little bit over dramatic… but it gets the point across! hehe..
  • Acne is another problem that occurs more with oily skin. Oil can clog up your pores and create spots/acne.
  • Larger Pores are common in oily skin also, whilst dry skin can sometimes have non existent pores, oily skin individuals can have larger pores. It is just one of those things!

Keep It Under Control

So here are some of my top tips for oily skin. I will start with skin care, as skin care is important for all skin types!

Skin Care 

  • Cleansing will be your best friend. It is important to make sure that you cleanse your face to remove oil build up and dirt that can clog up those pores. If you skip this step then it could end up in breakouts. Of course you don’t want to go too overboard with cleansing as you need to keep some sort of natural oil in your face, rather than stripping out all of the good oils in your skin. I would also recommend avoiding harsh cleansers. If your face feels tight once you are finished cleansing, then I would stop using it. You do not want to completely strip the oil out of your face, as your skin can then go into oil overload trying to get back the oil that you have just completely stripped out of it. A great cleanser in my opinion is the Nspa Deep Cleansing Face Wash. It is really easy on the skin and leaves your face feeling refreshed and soft!
  • Avoid oil based products! Putting oils on oils is going to make you.. oily. Some people may think that skipping moisturising is a good thing, as your not adding an extra shine on your face. But taking care of your skin and using moisturisers will stop your skin from overproducing natural oils giving you that shiny effect. Plus skin care is great for keeping your skin in the condition that you want it!
  • Primers are key for keeping your makeup in place! I would recommend maybe using two different primers for different uses. If you have larger pores, you will want to use a primer specifically for reducing the appearance of pores. I don’t own this product as I don’t need to, but I have heard great things about the Benefit Porefessional for this. I would also recommend a matte primer to cancel out the shine in your face. A tried and tested one for me is the Rimmel Stay Matte! Still one of my favourite primers because I love a matte finish. Plus it is so cheap and easy to get a hold of.
    benefit porefessional IMGP5663


When it comes to your makeup, there are many steps and tips to help keep your makeup in place all day!

  • Powders! Oily skin and face powders are a match made in heaven. It will not only create a matte effect on the skin, avoiding any shine but it will also set your makeup in place all day to avoid any moving or sliding around. You may need to carry a blotting powder with you throughout the day to touch up on the areas you get more oily in, but in general your makeup will last that much longer!
  • Choose a foundation suitable for your skin type! Again this includes shopping for a matte shade. To contradict my earlier point of avoiding oils, any foundation you use will have oils in them. They have just been.. processed? So the oil doesn’t make you look oily.. Again, my explanation skills are on point today! Basically, pick a foundation that states ‘suitable for oily skin’. On the subject of foundations, if you suffer from acne or acne scarring it is easy to think that the thicker your foundation the better it will cover your skin texture (bumps, spots etc). This however is not true.. in my opinion anyways. If you pick a heavy thick foundation is is going to emphasize those areas and make them look cakey and clogged and.. just not good. My advice would be to use a thin foundation. Even though I don’t have oily skin, the start of my makeup obsession started with watching a sh*t tonne of Stephanie Lange youtube videos.. the queen of oily skin! If you want some bad ass tips then I would definitely head over to her channel!
  • Remove your makeup every evening/night before you go to bed! Leaving on your makeup will just result in clogged pores and dirt build up. Aka oil overload, and breakouts. Removing your makeup is so easy in these days and if you’re looking for an affordable, amazing product to take off your makeup, I would look no further than the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I would recommend this for absolutely anyone as it is an amazing gentle product!

That brings me to the end of this oily skin top tip of the week! I hope this was helpful in some way, & because I don’t have oily skin, if you have any other tips feel free to share!
Until next time,
B xoxo

8 thoughts on “Top Tip Of The Week

    1. You’re very welcome love! I don’t just want to cater to people who have the same situation as me I want this to be a universal space for everyone! So glad you enjoyed it :) xo

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    1. You are sooo welcome! It’s nice to write about things that are completely different to what I am used to. Even though I don’t have oily skin personally a lot of people I know and watch on YouTube do so I wanted to make this post as I feel I have learned a lot about it.. Plus it’s nice to share! So glad you enjoyed it :) xo

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  1. Awesome post – I swear those pics are a realistic combination of how I’ve looked over this past week…. all at once lol Thanks for the great recommendations :) Karen XXX


    1. You are welcome! Everything except the porefessional I have used especially on my friends and family.. So I made sure they worked before recommending them! It’s such a nice change catering to different need rather than talking about dry skin all the time! Glad you enjoyed it :) xo

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  2. I have combination-oily skin so I feel this pain haha! I find that having since added a 2% BHA liquid into my daily skincare routine my skin has come on leaps and bounds from where it was xx


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