Makeup That Matters

My favourite part of makeup are the days when I can spend hours in front of my mirror, with a range of different products, dolling myself up. I love a full face at the best of times, but of course.. with a perfectionist like me comes time. Or the lack of it. It is not every morning where I can sit and take my time doing my makeup. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to spend seven minutes simply choosing a transition shade for our crease.. So I have came up with the makeup that matters. The few products for when I am in a rush, and the things that really make a difference. Whether it is trying to hide those horrid dark circles, or wanting to tone out the dull with a pop of blush. I have created a little routine for when I only have five minutes to dash out of the door.. so may I present to you, the makeup that matters, in my opinion!



The most important thing on that list to me, is concealer. I want a fresh face no matter where I go, so it is important to conceal any darkness! For days when I am only wearing concealer, I love to use my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer. I find it brightens up my eyes, it covers everything and it is so quick and easy to blend out. It is super light wearing and it will last me all day long! I like to apply this under my eyes in a V shape, my eyelids, a little bit on my forehead and around my mouth and chin. It blends in so well with my skin that it looks like I am hardly wearing anything! Of course I have to set it, as it does crease on me if it’s not, but I guess you can tell what I use for this! What? Who said Rimmel Stay Matte?


IMG_5849 IMG_5847

I never feel complete without my brows. For a quick jobby, I love to use my Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow Mocha Love as it matches my brows to a T, and when applied with my Real Techniques Brow Brush.. there’s really not much work involved! I then like to set my brows with my Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara to keep them in place!



For a quick pop of colour, the Gosh Natural Blush are a life saver. They are matte and very pigmented. A quick application of this baby will really help you look that extra bit alive and not so flat faced. Not only is it a great way to add a pop of colour, as this is quite a darker blush, it helps to bronze and contour a little bit! Three in one! Perfecto..



When I am in a rush, this is probably up there with concealer. I want to look fresh and awake, so mascara is just the thing I need to open up my eyes. I have quite puffy eyes, so adding mascara really makes them pop! My go-to for fluttery long lashes is my George Curl ‘Em Mascara.



I like to add a little something to my lips, just to rehydrate them and add a little colour into the mix. Lately, I have been loving my L’Oreal Colour Riche Natural Lipstick 235 as it is a gorgeous sheer nude lipstick, that adds a sheen to the lips and hydrates them perfectly. So quick and so easy!

This minimal makeup is perfect for just making me feel more awake and less zombified! These five products are the ones that really matter for me! Not only is this a really simple look, I finished this look in less than 5 minutes! I even have proof..


 What are the products that matter for you? Have you tried any of the makeup mentioned above? 

Until next time you beautiful creatures..

17 thoughts on “Makeup That Matters

      1. lol you sound like a wee MAC advert there huni (hehe) Are you secretly involved in their PR?! *raises eyebrow* :D Well, skin or MAC you look amazing <3 Have a wonderful weekend sweetie XXX


    1. Thankyou :) I know that it why I wanted to do this post! I like doing full face but sometimes you don’t need to spend hours to keep looking fresh and beautiful :) xoxo


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