My Life Changing Skin Care

A bold statement I know! But it is all for good reason. I personally love a bit of skin care. Moisturisers, eye creams, exfoliators.. you name it! Over the last few months I have been trying and testing different skin care brands and products because I love to discover new things and I quite frankly can’t help myself. This brand I discovered a good six months ago and I’m in love!


What’s So Great About Nspa?

It’s official, nspa knows how to get a girl hooked! I mean, when you are browsing through the skin care aisle and something catches your eye.. you are going to go and have a little mooch. Best idea I ever had. The first thing that drew me in was the packaging. It was so simple, clean and pure almost. There isn’t much about the packaging that is really exciting, but that’s what I like. When I think of skin care I like to think of fresh and clean products, just like the little lotions and potions of this brand are!

Not only did the packaging draw me in, the theory behind it was intriguing. I am now a religious follower of the Nspa Beauty Rituals. Four little steps to achieve beautiful skin. What more could you want? Not only are the products themselves just lovely, Nspa have also organised your skin care regime for you! You start with the Cleanse, Exfoliate, Treat & finally Moisturise. Being the little rebel I am, sometimes I like to switch up steps 3 & 4 (Treat & Moisturise) depending on the different products I am using! I also love how all of the products are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It saves so much time searching for the right match.


So why life changing? I hear you ask.. For me, I have never seen a better improvement in my skin. I am literally amazed. I wasn’t expecting much as I have never heard anything about this brand before, but my skin has never looked better. Not only are the products amazing when used in conjunction with each other, no product in this range will cost you more than £10! Ten little pounds… I just had to share. So I wanted to share with you some of my favourite products, and the ones that I feel made the most difference in my skin!


There are two cleansers that I have been using religiously. As much as I love smothering my face in skin care, cleansing is the one step I can be a little bit lazy on. Since I have been using these I haven’t been lazy at all. I actually want to do it as they make my face so soft and feel super hydrated. The Deep Cleaning Face Wash is a foam that turns into a cream when you rub it into your skin. This is the one I will use day and night as it is makes my skin feel super fresh!


The Melting Cleansing Gel is a gel that turns into a milk when mixed with water. I apply this on my face when it is dry and then wet my hands and go to town. This is the cleanser that makes my skin feel super moiturised. I have noticed since using these products that those little red patches under my eyes have seriously almost disappeared. I loooove them!


Step two is a crucial one for my dry skin. I use two products about twice a week and I have had no flaky dry patches in weeks! I don’t even use my Nivea exfoliator anymore as it has nothing on these two beauties. I do however have one product that I prefer over the other simply because it is so clever and works like a dream. That is the Skin Renewal Gel. It is a really smooth gel formula that has no little grains in it! At first I was rather baffled at how it could exfoliate my skin, but once you apply it, after about a minute that gel will turn into an oil. The oil releases fruit acids which break down any dead skin leaving your skin smooth as a babies bottom! Being an oil, it is also an amazing moisturiser! I have talked about how I do not like using oil based products on my skin as I don’t like the feeling of that oily residue that sits on the surface, but the great thing about this is that once I have applied this all over my face I can wash it off! Perfecto.. 


The other exfoliator I have been loving is the Brightening Micro – Derma Scrub. This one does have those little grains in, but it is really creamy so it isn’t harsh on my skin. It just exfoliates it like a dream. Sometimes I will use both, others I will use one and then the other towards the end of the week. These two together have made my skin so smooth, I don’t think I will find better!


There are a whole bunch of different products in this range, and I don’t own all of them.. but the ones I do own I am obsessed with. The Instant Blur Primer is a favourite of mine. I use it as a primer before my makeup and it evens out my skin tone so well. I usually use this after I have moisturised, but sometimes I like to wear it with out makeup just because I love how soft my skin feels when I use this.


Now, this next product I am absolutely obsessed with. I bought about five packs because they were on sale and I didn’t want to run out anytime soon! That is none other than the Spa Treatment Masks. If I could give a recommendation for any of these products, It would be these. You get three face masks and two eye masks in a pack. I have been loving these so much that I literally use them every night. Not only do the relax me before bed I don’t know why.. But they smell gorgeous and they are super moisturising and revitalizing. They recommend to leave these on for around 5-10 minutes, but sometimes I leave them on for about an hour just because they are so refreshing. This product is what makes my skin the softest, freshest and most moisturised out of all the nspa products that I own. If I was only aloud one product to use out of the beauty rituals range, it would be these. 10/10 if you ask me! I even got James to join in! haha.. 



Of course all good skin care regimes need a good moisturizer! I am dying to try their everyday regular moisturisers but I can never find them! Instead I have the Ultra-Hydrate Cream which I have spoken about many times before, and I still love it. I actually need to replace my second tub as I am nearly out! It is a really thick cream that I apply before bed, and it leaves my skin feeling ultra moisturised! Better than any of my other moisturisers have done. It is just a great little pot.


This next product was the one that from the first time I used it I could see a difference. That is the Youthful Eye Cream. I have very puffy under eyes, and since using this my fine lines have mellowed out and my under eyes don’t look as dark as they usually do! I do think that this cream had some help from my Eye Treatment Masks, but either way. They are doing their job!

For a while now, I have been using no other product on my skin. Except my Garnier Micellar Water… I just love the difference that these products have made, and how easy it now is to get myself into a skin care routine!

What are your favourite skin care products? Have you tried any from this range? 

Until next time my loves,


6 thoughts on “My Life Changing Skin Care

  1. Great post! Do you recommend any other skin care products? Can you check out my blog, and follow it if you like it? Thanks! I love your blog by the way, and will check in to see new post! :)


    1. Sure I will check it out! Thankyou :) Other skin care products I love are the Nivea Express Hydration Primer (which sometimes i use as a nighttime moisturiser!), I also love the Garnier Moisture Match collection! I use these more for underneath makeup as they are really nice moisturisers!! xoxo

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