Maybelline Master Sculpt Review

Oh look, I’m back! Not only am I back yet again, I come to you with a review! I mentioned in another post that I have so many reviews that I want to do on so many products.. but it is just finding the time to do them. I am currently on standby for work, so I have an hour and a half to kill whilst waiting for a phone call. There’s no time like the present.. 

Today I will be reviewing Maybelline’s Master Sculpt Contour Kit. I have owned this product for a good few months now, and I have built up a pretty good impression of it, so I thought I would let you know what I think of it as it has been requested! Let’s begin.. 


The Maybelline Master Sculpt is a contour kit with two shades. A contouring shade and a highlight shade. It comes in two shades 01 Light/Medium and 02 Medium/Dark. I use 01 as I am pale af.. but it works! Not only do you get your contour and highlight, when you lift the pan you also get a mirror and a brush. Perfect for when you are on the move! Do I love it? Yes! Would I repurchase it? Yes! Do you want to know why? Continue reading.. so cheeky! 


IMG_6029 IMG_6033

The packaging is square with the words ‘Master Sculpt’ in bold letters.. so if you are looking for this in boots you sure can’t miss it! It is black which I like, as I think black is such a sleek colour. Do I love it? It’s not the best packaging ever, but it is nice. It is sturdy and you get separate compartments, your product and then the mirror and brush. Honestly, I never use these brushes, but they are handy when you are on the move!

The one thing about that bugs me about the design is the way the two shades are put together. For one, as it is square packaging, it was really annoying that the pan itself was round. What a waste of valuable highlighter space! Also I don’t like that there is no separation between the highlight and the contour shade. As the highlighter shade is so small when you dip your brush in, you sometimes get some of the contour shade in there and vice versa. Sometimes it gets really annoying!


The contour shade was surprisingly gorgeous! I was a little bit skeptical that it may be a little too warm toned for us pale girls, but in fact it creates a gorgeous shadow! I think that because the shade is a lot lighter than we are used to in this contouring world.. it just works like a dream. Not only is the colour spot on but it blends beautifully as well, it doesn’t go blotchy or patchy! It gives such a flawless face, and killer cheekbones of course! 

IMG_6042 IMG_6041


Just excuse me whilst I let out a little Jaclyn YAAAAAAS! Holy highlighter! This thing is beautiful. This is my holy grail highlighter at the moment and I have been using it non stop.. as you can see! I wish I got more of the highlight shade than the contour shade just because I use it so much! This highlighter is perfect for us paler skinned girls but it still has a slight gold tinge to it, which makes it even more gorgeous! It is not too frosty, but creates such a glowy, beautiful, healthy finish that is so natural and not too over the top. I am tempted to start some sort of petition to get Maybelline to sell the highlighter separately.. whose in? trust me, you’ll want to be! I just can’t get over how bloody gorgeous this is! I would buy it again just for this highlight shade. My only ‘con’ if you will is how powdery it is. I feel like when I dip my brush in the product, half of it falls all around the pan, in the contour and everywhere else. But you still get good pigment and an amazing highlight so I can let that slide.



The best bit about this contour kit is that it is high street/drug store. Therefore it comes in at only £6.99. A great contour colour and a killer highlight for drug store prices. I’m sold!

Personal Opinion

So this is my final say on this contour kit. Yes, I love it. Yes, I would repurchase it. The contour colour is surprisingly great for my pale skin and the highlight is.. well you heard my rant. Do I have to get my angels to reassemble again? I think the price is perfect for good quality, easily blendable and effective contouring. Proving to all the high end brands that that glamorous world of contouring can be done on a budget! And who doesn’t love a bargain? This photo is from my ‘Dolled Up Date Night Makeup’ where I used the Maybelline Master Sculpt.

admin-ajax (6)

The only problems I have with this product is the packaging. I think the plastic can sometimes look a little cheap, but I love the black and bold print. I am not too keen on the round pan and the two shades joined as it can get a little messy but it is what it is. I guess it is what’s in the pan that counts right? I can forgive Maybelline as long as they give me an individual highlight! sneaky… 

So that brings me to the end of this review.
Have you tried this product? What do you think of it? Do you have the same problems? 

Until next time you gorgeous lot!

12 thoughts on “Maybelline Master Sculpt Review

  1. I really like the shade of it aswell but have the same issue with them being in the same pan as when I’m highlighting I get bronzer on the brush and then it can look very strange on my face! Other than that I love it xx


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