Top Tip Of The Week

Hello my loves! I have been slacking on my top tips recently, so I am re-kicking off my ‘Top Tip Of The Week’ with some mascara must knows! These tips are pretty simple, but are so worth it as they are so easy and helpful to know! Let’s get going..

Recover Dried Out Mascara


All mascaras can dry out eventually, I used to think that they had run out but in fact this little tip could get your mascara to last that little bit longer! All you need are some eye drops. When your mascara has dried out, adding a couple of drops to the mascara and mixing it will fix it!

Mascara Wands


When you have finished with a mascara, the wands can be used for so much more than being thrown out. For one, if the wand is one you particularly love, then just use it with a different mascara! When cleaned, mascara wands can make great spooleys too!

Swirl, Don’t Pump!

images (2)

My favourite tip for mascara is a goodie! I used to wonder why my mascara would dry out so quickly?! When you pump your mascara wand back and forth into the tube, you are letting air in which dries out your mascara. In fact, moving the wand around inside the tube will mean that you can get product on the wand without letting air get in and dry it out! So handy..

Mascara/Brow Gel?

images (3)

I have always wondered about the need for a brown mascara. I love the classic black mascara as it really defines and opens up my eyes. I know the brown mascara can be good for the more natural looks, but why not use it to set your eyebrows? You can guarantee that your brows will stay in place all day long and it will add that tint to make your brow hairs look fuller too! Some mascaras can be super cheap, so this could be such a money saver! 

Maximum Volume!

hqdefault (1)

If you are any thing like me, a bit of mascara is one of those holy grail products in my stash. But different mascaras do different jobs. To get the maximum volume out of any mascara, wiggle the wand from side to side at the root of the lashes and then pull up. This is how you get volume out of any mascara you are using!

Avoid Clumping For Good


This tip is something I do every time I apply mascara. When I pull my wand from the tube, I always wipe of the excess product back into the tube to avoid clumping. That may be why all my mascara tubes are so damn messy.. works a treat though! 

So that is it for my Mascara Must Knows! I hope you enjoyed.
What are your favourite mascara tips?

Until next time,

16 thoughts on “Top Tip Of The Week

  1. I never knew about swirling your brush either! It makes so much sense though! I just did a review of 3D fiber lashes which are a really cool mascara alternative, you should check it out if you’re interested! Thanks for the tips!


      1. No problem :) You too! I love your photography! I have nowhere light in my house so all my photos are really dingy! xoxo


      2. Aww thank you, I live in a condo so I only receive light from 2 sides, and it’s mainly afternoon light. It’s definitely a struggle to get the timing right for photos! Photoshop can do wonders for low lighting, though!


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