July Favourites

Hello my loves! I have had this post waiting in my drafts for about four days & I’ve only just got internet! Damn it.. So this is finally my July Favourites! I just want to quickly apologise aswell for the poor quality of photos this month! I just cannot get the lighting right.. so everything is a little dingey. Sorry!

Can we just address the fact that it is nearly August? WHAT!? I don’t have a clue where this year has gone.. but it’s going too fast. On the plus side, I have so many goodies for this month that I am dying to share with you guys! This is going to be a completely random favourites post as there have been so many things that I have been obsessed with this past week! I’m just gonna dive in.. 

The Damp Beauty Blender


This may seem a little strange, but honestly I am obsessed. I have always loved a damp beauty blender for my concealer but this last month I have been using it for everything. Foundation, concealer, cream contour.. the lot! I find it gives the most flawless, blended, dewy finish and I quite frankly cannot get enough!

Floral Vest Tops

74739_pale_pinklily_1_1 5054532613493

Of course, as we are currently in summer I love a little bit of floral goodness. I decided to treat myself to some summery clothes at the start of this month, and I have been loving them. My wardrobe usually consists of leggings, baggy jumpers and black.. a whole load of black. I decided to throw some colour into the mix and these are just a couple of my favourties. Left top is from Peacocks and the right top is from George. I couldn’t get a good picture myself.. so the websites are just as good! These two are probably my most favourites!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks

IMG_6072 IMG_6057

Which one? I hear you ask. Well, I have three and I have been obsessed with all of them. So I will be showing you all of them. They are just so pretty and summery! I can’t get enough! 

Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear Eyelashes


These lashes are something else. I got these as they were on sale in my local Tesco. You guys know I am not usually one for the falsies, but these..

Sleek Sunrise Blush


In my ‘Make Me Blush’ post a while back, I mentioned that I was dying to try out some of the Sleek Blushes. Since then, I purchased three of the little beauties. Suede, Rose Gold and my current favourite Sunrise. This blush is just.. I can’t even.. How pretty!

Milani Baked Blush | Luminoso


Thank you Nikkietutorials! You little beauty.. what a blush this is! I was a little gutted when I received this in the post as it came through broken, but all can be forgiven as this is such a beautiful blush.. especially for summer! Or all year.. muhaha. 

My Handbag


I got this handbag from New Look a few months ago, but I stopped using it. Why? I really don’t know. I just love this, it is so pretty & if you know me, you know that lace/crochet defines me. I haven’t put it down all month long and the month before that. 

Liam Neeson


This will be quite a strange favourite. But honestly, I have been obsessed with Liam Neeson films for.. ever. Taken 1, 2 and 3 are possibly my all time favourites. But I have also been loving Unknown, A Walk Among The Tombstones & Non-Stop. Some of these films I find a little f***ed up, but I just love him as an actor. Taken will forever be a favourite of mine! This month I have watched so many Liam Neeson films, it would be rude not to give them a little mention!

The Driven Series

download (3)

Here we go, another book series! This series is a lot like the This Man Series that was in one of my previous favourites, but they are so worth it! The story line is addicting, the characters are intriguing and lovable and the series in general are just amazing. Another Fifty Shades style of book but with less of the cringy raunchy stuff and so much more drama and addictiveness!

So that brings me to the end of this very random favourites! Don’t hesitate to drop me a comment if you love any of these products too & let me know what your favourites are for this month!

Until next time,

17 thoughts on “July Favourites

  1. Great favorites! I love the Milani blush Luminoso! So glad to see that you got it! I also love the Rimmel Kate lipsticks as well! :) xo


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