A Face Full Of First Impressions

Hello you lovely lot!

Over the last week, I have accumulated some new additions to my makeup collection. Yes, yet more makeup! I think I have a faulty connection between my brain and my hands. My brain is screaming you don’t need more! But my hands have already paid the cashier.. ooops. During my latest adventure up north, I picked up just a few pieces and today I decided to try them out! 

George Super Boost Concealer


If any of you read some of my recent posts, you would know that I really enjoyed the George Under Eye Concealer for highlighting. My local asda doesn’t stock much of their own brand makeup, so whilst browsing the aisles on my travels I found a whole section full of George makeup. Of course, it’s only fair to try something out right? RightI picked up this George concealer as I am quite frankly a concealer junkie. I just cannot have enough! This concealer claims to be ‘Lightweight with skin conditioning formulations that help to cover imperfections’.

From the first application I was happy with the colour choice, it was bordering a little bit too warm toned but it was still wearable. I picked up the colour 01 Light and the tube looked like the match would be right. I applied this under my eyes, my chin and my forehead. As always, I used a damp beauty blender to blend it all out. This blended easily, but I found that the coverage was a bit.. iffy. Around my cheeks, the coverage was alright. It is not full coverage, but it is close. I also found that the colour lightened the more I blended it, which I was happy about! Directly under my eyes however, I found it went a little bit patchy. No idea why! I kept blending it until I felt happy with it, but in the end I had to apply some of my Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer over the top, as the concealer had moved and revealed the redness on my cheeks. It was just a bit patchy and messy! My trusty Mac Pro Long Wear sorted that right out though! This all happened from the time I blended it, to getting my setting powder out.. yes. That fast. 


All in all, I am not overwhelmed with this product. I feel like I could use it if I mix it with another concealer to help keep it in place, but I am not overly impressed by this concealer. Damn.. 

P.s. Love Volumising Mascara


This mascara I found whilst in Primark! I have some sort of condition, where if I see a bargain I feel like I need to buy it.. you know, just in case you find something amazing! I’ll be honest, when purchasing my few items from Primark I wasn’t expecting miracles. I picked up this mascara for just £1! So you can see what pulled me in?


As always I started by curling my lashes. Once I actually opened the mascara I felt a little more reassured. The wand is just how I like a mascara wand to be. It is not too large, so I can get all the tiny little hairs and it doesn’t look like the typical ‘I’m here to clump your lashes’ mascaras! Know what I mean? As always I wiped some of the product off back into the tube and went straight in. I’ll be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. This mascara gave me the right amount of length, with the volume I like.. and there was not one teeny tiny case of clumping! So for the other eye I decided not to remove the excess product, just to see what would happen. Again, I was even more pleasantly surprised! Even without removing any excess product, the mascara gave me the same results as the other eye. And this was all for £1! You can only imagine how happy I was! When I removed my makeup later this evening however, I found it pretty much flaked off. Which resulted in flakes of mascara in my eyes which wasn’t so pleasant!! But I can forgive and forget as so far, my first impression of this mascara is pretty damn good.

P.s. Love Lip Liner Pencil


This is the second item I got from primark. I loved the shade of this lip liner so I had to pick it up for again £1! The lid looks like a lovely rose pink shade, and I love my rosy pinks!


The first thing I noticed when applying this lip liner is how smooth it applied. It is very soft and creamy, also they got the pigmentation spot on! The second thing I noticed was that they colour was more orange toned. I still like the colour nonetheless! After applying this all over my lips and filling it in, I was really enjoying it. It felt super lightweight and it wasn’t tacky or too dense on my lips.


I do have a problem however. This lip pencil is made of plastic, but is is not retractable.. I have tried turning the bottom of the pencil but no matter how long I turned it, it just didn’t go up or down. I then felt the tip of the pencil and it felt a little like wood. But it isn’t a wooden pencil. The actual product is seperate from the woodenish part. My explaining skills get better and better hey! I suppose I just want to know if I can only use what is on show.. or if I have to sharpen the plastic which I would never think to do. I really don’t see another way! Primark have to be awkward don’t they! Do I sound dumb here? 

P.s. Love Matte Long Lasting Lipstick


This lipstick I was drawn to immediately. Yes, this is another item from Primark. I picked this lipstick up for £1.50, and so far I am really happy with it! One, it states matte. We know I love matte lipsticks. Two, it is a gorgeous nude shade and three, the price is right. So how did I feel about it?

IMG_6282 IMG_6242

I applied this colour over my lip pencil as I was killing two birds with one stone. I hate that expression! To begin with, the colour is right up my street. A gorgeous nude that has pink tones to it. Perfect! The second thing I noticed was how creamy and easy to apply it was. Some matte lipsticks can tend to drag across the lips, whereas this one glided straight on. It seems to be getting better right? Wrong. As this lipstick states that it is matte, you can only imagine my shock horror when I saw little bits of glitter in my lipstick. I don’t know if this is some sort of new ‘matte’ but the matte I knew before was the complete opposite to that shiny, shimmering glitter. However, there was barely any glitter in there but when I moved towards the light my lips were definitely shining a little. I am a little dissapointed that this lipstick isn’t really ‘matte’, but I am still really pleased with it. From a distance, yes it does look matte, and the colour and formulation is so nice that I can look past it’s flaws! On an more positive note, about half the way through my day I thought I would check up on my lippie to see how things were getting along. Although the slightest fading, my lipstick was still intact & I had been eating and drinking throughout the day! Long lasting.. Check!


One more major problem I had with this product was the packaging. I love a gold packaging, but when you open the lipstick and scroll it up.. it doesn’t stay there. It is made of very cheap plastic that moves the lipstick up or down whenever the teeniest bit of pressure is applied. It’s fine though.. I don’t mind holding my lipstick in place whilst I apply it! It wouldn’t even stay up for the photo! Overall, depsite the matte fiasco and the annoying packaging I am genuinely enjoying this lipstick.

So that brings me to the end of these first impressions! I hope you enjoyed my rambling! I do apologise! :)

IMG_6243 IMG_6244

Have you tried any of these products? Did you enjoy them? 

Until next time,

9 thoughts on “A Face Full Of First Impressions

  1. I love bargain makeup and off brand products too, you never j know when you might find a gem. I love the mascara, it’s makes your eyes pop! the lip color is gorgeus! I’m not one for mattes but the color is great


    1. Exactly why I couldn’t walk away hehe! Thankyou :) I was really shocked with the mascara but I am wearing it again today and I am still really liking it! I was a bit annoyed that it said matte but had glitter in it, but I still love it :) xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The lip liner is to be sharpened. I had one like that and I struggled to find a way to get the product out and then I finally tried sharpening it and it worked!

    Liked by 1 person

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