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Today is another ‘Beginner Beauty’ day, and this one is all on foundations! I believe that there are some really good foundations out there that are affordable and worth it. It’s just finding them right? It can be a little bit overwhelming going into Boots or Superdrug and being faced with the many bottles that grace the shelves. Which foundations are good? What type of foundation do I need? What coverage do I want? Will this one cling to my dry patches? The list goes on.. But I am here to help where I can! So here are some of my recommendations when it comes to foundations.  


Pretty much every brand out there has more than one foundation is their range. Foundation is a big part of makeup, whether it is to achieve a flawless face or something more toned down and natural. The trick is to recognize your skin type, and what finish you like. For example, if you are oily you will need a matte foundation to counteract the oil. This way you can eliminate quite a few foundations and just focus on ones that are specifically for your skin type or to your preference. Here are some of my tried and true foundations, that are great for beginners and can work for every skin type.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation


The first foundation I would recommend can suit all skin types. The true match foundation is an affordable foundation that comes in a whole range of different colours. It is easy to blend out and gives such a natural finish. The original true match would be more for the oily skin types, but if you are dry and want a little more dew then the true match lumi will be the guy for you. This is a great all round foundation! (I done a full review here.) This would be my number one foundation to recommend as it really caters for all skin types and tones. The numbering can be a little confusing, but when choosing your shade it is important to know your undertone. The shades are categorized in three letters. C, N, W. Cool, neutral and warm. So it helps to know your undertone before you buy, or just get colour matched!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


Again this foundation can be purchased in variations to fit different skin types. The original fit me foundation is a very lightweight smooth foundation, with a natural coverage. Again, it is super affordable and you can now get either the Fit Me Matte & Poreless for more oily skin, or the Dewy & Smooth for more dry skin. The problem I had with this foundation is that when I went to buy it at my local Superdrug, they only had four shades available! So I bought the palest colour there which is 120. If you are extremely pale like me, don’t fall for it like I did! The colour match was way off! It was far too dark, so I had to go online and have a little shop around to find a paler foundation to suit my skin type. which was not easy! 

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation


If you follow my blog regularly, you will know that this foundation is a favourite of mine. It is more medium-full coverage, but will suit all skin types as it has a very natural finish. For more oily skin, I would recommend setting your foundation with a powder, but it can be left alone for a more natural-dewy finish. What is also great about this foundation is that it will not rub off and transfer onto your clothing. So setting it or not, it will stay in place all day long!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation


This little guy is great for drier skin types. It is a light reflecting radiance foundation which means that this foundation will look great under any lighting, but will also give you a beautiful glow. Not only will it make you gleam, but it has an SPF of 18 in it so that you are protected from the sun. This foundation blends really nicely, but I find for a more flawless coverage it is better blended out with a beauty blender. What I really love about this foundation is that for us pale girls, they have pink under toned shades that are very fair so it will suit the palest of the pale. I sometimes struggle to find foundations that suit my skin as I am quite ghostly, but this one does the job just fine!

Quick Tips: When it comes to your foundation, colour matching is essential. If you are unsure of what colour you should purchase you can always go to a makeup counter and get colour matched. This way they can try out the shades on your skin to make sure that the match is perfect. Another tip for colour matching is to always match your foundation to your neck and body, and not your face. I have very yellow toned shoulders and arms, whereas my face is very pink and blotchy.. so I want my face to blend into my body for a more flawless result.


So there we have it. Four tried and true foundations that cater to many skin types and tones. Of course there are many other great foundations at high street prices.. and if I find any more great ones, I will be sure to share them!

Until next time,

6 thoughts on “Beginner Beauty Series | Foundations

  1. Have you tried the rimmel lasting finish foundation (red bottle)? I have very dry/flakey skin and. I don’t know whether to buy the match perfection or the lasting finish one!x


    1. I do own the lasting finish and I do like it I just bought the wrong shade so I don’t really wear it. It is more matte and full coverage but I found it slightly clung to my dry patches. The blue bottle is slightly aimed more towards dry skin as it is more dewy but it’s really up to you and what finish you prefer :) xx

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