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Hello beautiful people!

It is that time of the week again, and as promised I am trying to keep on top of my weekly tips. This post is coming rather late in the evening as I have been super busy today. My taxi services have been in full swing, I have been arranging my makeup and tidying the bedroom, watching too many youtube videos and balling my eyes out at ‘Soliders coming home’ and ‘the greatest marriage proposals’, and finally having a massive breakdown because a monster moth flew into my bedroom and aimed straight for my face. Yes, today has been hectic! But, I am going to jump straight into my top tip for you guys which is aimed all around the best eye shadow colours to suit different eye colours and make them pop! Of course I am not using my own photos for this post as I do not have all of these eye colours, as much as I would love to! 

Have you guys heard of the colour wheel? Well here it is..


This little guy shows you which colours compliment each other. It works great for eye makeup as it will really make your eye colour pop. You simple choose a colour and then look at the colour on the opposite side to find your match!

Brown Eyes

If you have taken a stroll through instagram recently, you will see just how many eye looks look amazing on brown eyes! The oppostite colour on the colour wheel shows blue, which can be a very hard colour to work with.. but there are ways around it without looking like you just fell out of the eighties.


A great way to wear blue eye shadow is to apply it to the lid, with cool toned browns and taupes in the crease of your eye. Be sure to blend, and keep blending until you finally feel happy with the result. Another tip is once you have applied your blue shade, apply a more neutral shade over top such as a cream or a taupe so it mutes the blue a little, but you still see hints coming through. It is a great way to make your eyes pop without being too bold. You don’t just have to work with blues however, cool toned purples are also great for complimenting brown eyes along with aqua shades or teal shades.


Failing that, like all eye colours you cannot go wrong with a neutral eye look. Making sure to pick a really bright cream, ivory or pale gold shade on the lid will add a gorgeous contrast to dark eyes. Not only will it make your eyes pop and stand out, it will also make you appear more awake, and your eyes slightly larger.

Blue Eyes

For blue eyes it is slightly easier to find shades that will compliment them whilst being less dramatic. Of course, this post is in no way saying that these are the only colours you are aloud to wear, but just what colours make your eyes pop.


For blue eyes, orange tones are the ones that will make your eyes pop. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to go and slap on some wotsit coloured eyeshadow. You can slightly adjust the wheel to warm toned browns and auburn colours. Burnt orange can also look really pretty on the outer v of the eye as it really blends into brown tones and doesn’t look too out there!


Of course, like brown eyes, any light coloured eye looks will also compliment blue eyes as it provides a contrast of light to dark. Besides, seeing any colour next to white/cream in any circumstance will make any shade seem more intense.

Green Eyes

As much as I enjoy my blue eyes, sometimes I really wish that I had green eyes so that I could wear some of these simple makeup looks that really make them pop.

hqdefault (2)

For green eyes, those mauvy purples and rosy pinks will really be in your favour. Burgundy’s and Berry shades also. You can create so many wearable eye looks with these colours and you can wear such a range to compliment green eyes.


But don’t forget, if you are not into colours neutrals are just as good!

Hazel Eyes

For you beauties with hazel eyes, there are some really wearable eye looks out there that will compliment the s**t out of your eyes!

images (6)

Albeit not so colourful, the opposite colour includes grey and black. These tones are perfect for a classic smokey eye and perfect for you hazel beauties. Again, these shades can be altered to cool toned lilacs, or creams. Or very deep navy shades.

images (7)

Another tip for hazel eyes are to follow the ‘brown eyes’ tips. Hazel eyes are slightly lighter so just pick lighter toned blues that will really make those eyes pop. Neutrals too! 

Grey Eyes

Finally on this list are grey eyes. I personally love grey eyes as they can be so enticing. As you can see from the colour chart grey eyes are pretty much the opposite of hazel eyes.


Those yellow toned light browns and creams will be beautiful and not only are they beautiful but they are natural shades so they are super easy to work with! You can create endless gorgeous looks with these colours and they will still make your eyes pop which is so super handy!

I was ready to give you another ‘neutrals’ reminder.. but for this one I don’t even need too!

So this is all for my top tip of the week! I hope this was in some way handy to someone and I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time my loves,


9 thoughts on “Top Tip Of The Week

  1. The irony is that my eyes are dark brown and earlier today I published a post of two eyeshadow looks… one being a blue one and the other being a bronzed one LOL! check it out on my blog! I am not lying haha! It’s like I gravitated to the colours which look best for my eyes haha loved this post ♡

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