Top 5 Face Powders Under £5

Happy Monday beautiful people!

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite face powders for under £5! I love a good face powder as they are so multi-functional and can be used for so many different things. Not to mention there are a bunch of great ones out there that you can pick up super cheap. I use powders for a whole bunch of different things. Setting concealer, mattifying my face, making lipsticks matte, all sorts of wonderful things! I know what you’re probably thinking, it’s summer, so why are we talking about mattes? We want to be glowing! It is great that summer allows us to be dewy glowing monsters, but for more oily skin types.. face powders are pretty much essential for controlling oil all year round. Even if you only use it in the areas where you get the oiliest. Besides, oily skin types can still be glowing. After all there is nothing a good highlighter can’t fix! So without further rambling, I am going to jump straight into my top 5 face powders for under £5! 

Rimmel Stay Matte

IMG_6411 IMG_6423

This little chap is a favourite of mine and many others. There is most certainly a good reason for it! This powder is a great sturdy powder that completely gets rid of shine and leaves your skin looking matte as can be. I often use this powder, along with all of the others I am about to mention, to set my concealer in place. As I have dry skin and I love the dewy look for summer, I don’t tend to set the rest of my makeup.. but nonetheless this is a great little powder for just £3.99.

Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder

IMG_6415 IMG_6417

This powder is my must have for that good ole’ baking technique. Lately it has been my go to for setting concealer, whether I am baking it for a more evening glam look, or simply setting my concealer with a brush. The thing I love about this powder is that even though it is technically translucent, it is slightly more pink toned which makes it perfect for really brightening the under eye and giving that desired highlight that everyone is after! I love using this powder when I am wearing a concealer that is slightly too dark for me. Being pale, I find it hard to find concealers that are light enough for me. So by using this powder it really brightens up any darker concealers so that I can still use them yet be happy with the colour choice! All this for £4.99.

*Quick Tip: if any of my fellow pale gals and guys are looking for the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the palest shade, learn from my mistakes. The shade 10 is NOT lighter than shade 15! I don’t know what is going on with their numbering but 15 is the lightest shade I have found and 10 is darker for some strange reason that I literally have no idea of. Heads up for you!* 

Max Factor Creme Puff Powder

IMG_6413 IMG_6419

This little guy is slightly more on the expensive side of this under £5, but it was so good I couldn’t not put it in here. I was scared to say the least when I picked up this translucent pressed powder. For one, I opened the lid and I kid you not, this powder was darker than my bronzer althought the photo is not showing it! typical... After I applied it to my face however, it was completely translucent and didn’t change the colouring of my makeup in the slightest. This powder is great for a long wearing, mattifying effect and mine just isn’t running out! A great little compact for £4.99.

Collection Pressed Powder

IMG_6409 IMG_6421

This little guy has also been a lover of mine for setting concealer. I have the colour Ivory which as you can see is pretty much white. It is my ultimate brightening powder for when I really want that highlight under my eyes. Plus it keeps my concealer from creasing and is such a dream powder for just £1.99. As you can see I have already hit pan! The only thing about their range of pressed powders is that the darker colours are rather.. orange, If you will. I bought a darker colour as a bronzer as I thought it would be even more natural if it was a face powder, but in reality.. I got tangoed. But the lighter colours are divine!

Maybelline The Matte Maker Pressed Powder

IMG_6407 IMG_6425

This was one of the first face powders that I owned and I am still a huge lover of it now. This little guy will make.. you.. matte! Like the mattest of the matte. It is a great little powder that I would highly recommend for oily skin. Super long lasting and the formulation is so lovely. It is such a fine, smooth powder that leaves your face feeling super soft, looking super matte and crease free! What more could you want for £3.99.

That my friends brings me to the end of my favourite face powders for little prices. All have been tried and tested and I thoroughly love them all.

What are your favourite face powders? Have you tried any of the above? 

p.s. this post would of been published about two hours ago if it wasn’t for Jaclyn Hill uploading a new video.. one thing leads to another until my phone died! ooops hehe! 

Until next time,


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