Makeup Of The Day!

Hello loves!

I wanted to share with you my current go-to makeup look, that I have been going to for every day wear. This look is light weight yet still a little bit glamorous! I know I ramble quite a lot through these kinds of posts, so I am going to try and jump to the point to save you dozing off half way through! oops.. hehe. I do just want to mention before I start, you may have noticed that I finally had the birds nest chopped! After about four years! Naughty I know.. I had quite a bit of length off my hair but do you think I should take it another inch or so shorter? I have been thinking about it but I am just not sure! 



Over the last… however many months, I have been obsessed with BB creams. They are really light wearing yet give my skin life and dew. Exactly what I need for summer! I have been loving the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream as it does just that. Makes my skin feel fresh and back to life.

For concealer, another favourite of mine over the last few weeks is the Nyx HD Concealer. When I first purchased this I wasn’t sure about it as it was very peach in colour, which is great for colour correcting, but I am very pale so I thought it would look out of place on my skin. This concealer however, blends out and pretty much melts into the skin leaving me in highlighted bliss! It’s just amazing.


To set my concealer, I have been loving my Collection Pressed Powder as it just gives my under eye that little bit of brightness to make me look, and feel, more awake.

I haven’t been going to heavy on the contour recently.. bronzer however. This product has been in my favourites and is such a great bronzer for us pale peeoples! It is the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Light Matte Bronzing Powder. Yes. Just yes.

I just want to take a moment to thank sleek for the most beautiful blush on earth. Yes, it is that pretty! The Sleek Rose Gold Blush is my absolute favourite, go-to blush at the moment for gorgeous rosy cheeks with a shimmer that can also highlight your face as well as add a flush of colour. I was a little unsure of this blush at first as it does appear super shimmery,but once applied it is just lovely!



I have been loving the more neutral look on my eyes recently. The Makeup Revolution Ultra Matte Eyeshadow Palette is pretty much my best friend right now. I have been using all four of the neutral brown tones through my crease, and applying that lighter shade onto my lid! Simple..


For mascara I change it up every time I do this look. Today I used my Essence Volume Mascara to add a little bit more drama to my lashes.

I am not going to talk about the products that I used on my brows, as by now I am sure you can guess. It hasn’t changed since I started my blog! I was however going to ask for any good recommendations for brow products, because as much as I love my current maybelline brow products, it is nice to change it up! Let me know your suggestions!



I talked about this combo in my Face Full of First Impressions post. It is the P.s. love lip liner and lipstick in the shade Whisper. The perfect nude pink lip and for the price of £1 I am shocked at how great they last on my lips. The whole matte/shimmer lipstick is still confusing the hell out of my though!

Finished Look

So this my friends, is the finished look for my makeup of the day!

IMG_6529 IMG_6531 IMG_6526 IMG_6528

I hope you have all had a marvelous weekend, and be expecting my regular Top Tip of The Week post coming soon!

Until next time,

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