Top Tip Of The Week

Hello beauties!

I am quite excited about this top tip of the week as these techniques I am about to tell you are pretty much life for me. It is all about how to stop your makeup looking cakey. I wanted to give you a range of tips on how to stop your makeup, whether it is foundation, concealer, powders etc, from looking cakey but still flawless! Be warned, the word ‘cakey’ may pop up about a million times through the duration of this post. 

Tip #1


If you suffer from dry flaky skin that your foundation tends to stick to, it can quickly make your foundation look cakey or built up in patchy areas. Using a good exfoliator before bed will leave your skin feeling smooth and ready for any foundation application the next morning. Don’t forget those moisturisers too!

Tip #2


Mixing your foundation with a primer will help sheer out the foundation ever so slightly. Not only will sheering out any foundation help, but also if the foundation has a very heavy, thick consistency then this will make the foundation easier to apply. Meaning.. less cakey!

Tip #3

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When applying foundation or concealer, using a damp beauty blender to apply and blend will pick up any excess product so you don’t get a build up of product. This trick works amazingly for concealer as any full coverage, thick concealer can quickly make the under eyes look.. you guessed it, cakey! 

Tip #4

If any of my fellow beauty addicts out there follow gossmakeupartist on youtube, you will know that I love him! This trick I learnt from one of his videos. Each product is a different layer of texture to your face. The more layers you apply, the more texture you are adding. By more texture, this means the ole’ cake syndrome. When applying your foundation, don’t cover the areas under your eyes or anywhere that you want to highlight using concealer. Leaving these areas blank will mean that the concealer lays beautifully without layering products upon products. You don’t have to compromise coverage either! 

Tip #5


I think powder products are pretty essential in anybodies makeup bag. Using too much powders can make it look like you have been cooked in the oven for a bit and then dusted with icing sugar. Not so great. But powders can look great either by using small amounts and slowly adding until you have reached your desired look, and if thats too much then spraying your face with a facial mist or a setting spray will help the powders melt into the skin, and stop that overbearing powdery look. Besides, spraying any facial mist over areas that you have higlighted/illuminated will really make that area pop even more.

Tip #6

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This is my main rule for myself when apply my makeup. This is probably the one thing that will get you looking cakey in seconds. Liquids first, powders last. Of course, makeup has no rules but everyone has their own preferences. If you like to put liquids over powders then it is your face, and we don’t judge here on my blog! But for me personally, I find that putting liquids over powders is the quickest way to get texture onto the skin (a.k.a cakeiness). I make sure that I apply all my liquids first e.g. primer, foundation, concealer, cream contour, cream blush etc, and then finish with the powders. I know my last tip completely contradicts this tip, but facial mists and setting sprays are designed to help the powders smooth out and melt into the skin which will make it appear very natural.

Tip #7

My final tip is to just take it easy. Makeup is a lot easier to add than it is to remove. So adding small amounts of foundation for example and then slowly building it will give you more control over how your makeup will look. If you feel you have gone a little overboard with your foundation, don’t forget about that damp beauty blender! That little guy will be your best friend!

So that is all for my top tip of this week, I hope you have found it helpful!

Do you stand by any of these tips? What are your tips for avoiding the cake face? 

Until next time my loves,

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