My Favourite Matte Makeup

Hello my loves!

I hope you have had a great Tuesday.. well, as good as a Tuesday can be! I am hoping that I will be able to put a smile on some of your faces however by recommending some of my favourite matte products! This post is going to be all about matte; eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes.. anything and everything! I realised that since the summer has hit, I have been talking all about the glow and the highlight.. but you guys know that the mattes have my heart and I felt a little inspired. So may I present to you, my favourite matte products of all time! 

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer


This primer has been a love of mine from when I first started playing with makeup. I love how it smoothes out my skin and reduces shine instantly. It has a really nice thick consistency, which is easy to blend over the face and you get a tonne of product in the tube. It is super affordable, and I think it is such a great product for a high street price! Even though I am dry, it helps my makeup sit really well on my skin. I just love it, and anyone with oily skin would love it too!

Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder

IMG_6606 IMG_6610

It looks like I am loving Rimmel today huh? I love a good setting powder. Any powder that will set your makeup and keep you matte throughout the day is a friend of mine. Normally, I would be raving about the Rimmel Stay Matte.. more Rimmel! But recently, I have been addicted to this loose setting powder, as it is so lightweight and doesn’t appear heavy on my skin. It is really long lasting and brightening so it is great for setting under eye concealer! A must have for my makeup bag!

Gosh Natural Blush


This blush is simply gorgeous. Of course, it is matte! It gives such a beautiful flush of colour to the cheeks and the formula is like butter in powder form. It is really pigmented, so a little goes such a long way. Again, this product is super affordable and it is just my ultimate matte blush.


When I swatched this product, the camera didn’t really pick up the colour too well, but believe me if you apply this on your face you will know when it’s been overdone! Just a great blush, and another favourite of mine!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Compact Powder


Beside the misleading name, this bronzer is indeed matte! I literally cannot hype this product up enough. I am not really a fan of a shimmery bronzer. I usually would not be a fan of any bronzer as I am very pale, and a lot of bronzers are too dark and orange toned. This however, well..  For one, if you are pale, this bronzer is life. Just life. It is the perfect shade for super pale girls as it is really light, but literally looks like you have been out in the sun for a few days.


It slightly warms up my complexion without making me look like I have been tangoed. Finally! I have spoken about this product for a good couple of months, but it is so worth it. Again, it is very affordable and totally worth every penny if you ask me.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows Flawless Matte Palette

IMG_6622 IMG_6618

If you are looking for a matte eyeshadow palette, affordable, good pigment, plenty of shades then I have a great recommendation for you. This flawless matte palette by Makeup Revolution contains 32 different matte shades. Any natual matte shade that you could dream off is probably in this palette. They contain cool tones, warm tones, neutral tones, orange shades, pinks, greys.. the lot. I love this palette as it is only £8, the colours are great for everyday wear or more dramatic looks and I just think they are great. These shadows have good pigment, although I find the pigment is not the best on some shadows, it doens’t take long to build them up. They are a dream to blend out, and this is my go-to palette not only for matte looks, but for everyday wear! In love, can’t get enough.

Collection Cream Puff


I haven’t yet spoken about this product, but I have a few ideas that I am working on as I have so many looks in mind and posts I want to share with you. This lip product is amazing. I haven’t tried the Nyx Matte Lip Creams, but I am guessing these are similar? Either way, I think these little lip products are amazing. The are super creamy and moisturising, and the dry on my lips to a complete matte finish. Once they are on, they are not going anywhere! They are really light wearing on my lips too.. half of the time I forget I have anything on. I just really love the formula, the lasting power, the packaging, and the fact that I have more matte lip products to add to my collection! Yaaaas.. 

Mac Matte Lipsticks


You guys know that I am a sucker for matte lipsticks, although not so affordable the matte lipsticks from Mac are my holy grail. I like to think of them as Jaffa Cakes, you can’t just have one!! I found this out the hard way of course. We could sit here all day and talk about the formula and how amazing it is, and the pigmentation and colours etc. But not only are these a great all round matte lipstick, the smell b e a utiful! I think that Mac lipsticks are the best I have ever tried myself, and I am definitely saving to get more! Highly recommend!

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks


Of course, I couldn’t just recommend a high end lipstick for you without giving cheaper alternatives. I know how hard it is to be able to afford high end makeup. I also learn’t that the hard way.. But if you are looking for a high street matte lipstick that has great pigment, lasting power and super cute packaging then the L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks are amazing.


I have found that this line of lipsticks have a whole range of finishes, you have to really look out for the matte shades as some could be satin or natural finishes. Overall, these are another favourite of mine, and today I decided to wear the shade ‘erotique’.. Beautiful colour ranges too!

And that my loves, are some of my favourite matte products of all time! I even created a little look to show off some of the products..


I hope you enjoyed, and until next time..

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Matte Makeup

    1. Thankyou love :) I would love to, I had a little look at your brother doing your makeup the other day.. Was sooo cute! Xoxox


    1. Thankyou love :) me too, I have a couple I have my eye on but I am worried about trying the different finishes incase I don’t like them and waste £15 on a lipstick hehe! It’s mine too xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yess I love this post! Matte anything I love haha! Velvet Teddy is also a favourite of mine :)

    Quick question, is the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer like a silicone texture or is it a cream? I want to try it but I am really not fond of the silicone feel primers at all hahaha x


    1. Thankyou love :) me too! It has a slight silicone feel to it, but it doesn’t bother me too much as it is still quite creamy. I’d recommend testing it before you buy it to see if you like the texture or not. I don’t think it’s that bad but everyone is different so I would definitely try it out first!:) xoxo

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