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Hello loves!

As you are reading this I will be sitting in a camp site, more than likely feeling very grumpy at the fact that I was woken up by tweets. Not the nice kind of tweets that you get of twitter about all things makeup related, but those that sit in the trees and act as an alarm at 6am. If you happened to stop by my most recent review (Nyx HD Concealer), then you would know that I have scheduled a few posts for throughout this week whilst i’m spending some quality time with nature in a very claustrophobic tent. But I have promised not to get behind on my weekly top tips, so I have scheduled a very short one for you! Doesn’t mean it isn’t a handy one however! 

So this weeks top tip is following on from last weeks on how to reduce that cakey look! It envolves two things, a damp beauty blender and some powder! Confused? I’ll explain. So I gave you a bunch of tips last week, and this one I wanted to go more in depth on. I think we all experience that very powdery look when setting our concealer, or layering up the contour, highlight and blush. I came across this tip from ‘Makeup Geek’ youtube channel, and I just had to share it with you.


To stop your powder from looking too powdery, simply use a damp beauty blender and roll it over the set areas. I was a little skeptical to try this, as I thought it would just be pointless and make everything look patchy. But by rolling the damp beauty blender over the areas that you have powdered, (with hardly any pressure what so ever!) what ever the product may be, it picks up the excess powder that may have clung to the little hairs on the face and makes everything look so natural and slightly dewy!


I have been trying this tip out throughout the week to see if it actually works, and it does! Although, on Marlena’s channel, she talks about applying powders with a damp beauty blender. (Rubbing the beauty blender into the powder and then applying it onto the face) whereas I found it didn’t really set anything.


Instead, I went and applied my powders how I usually would and then rolled the sponge (I couldn’t bare saying beauty blender again hehe! Not that it matters now..) over the areas I have powdered. It picks up any excess powders and the results are beautiful! This is also a great tip for anyone who doesn’t own setting sprays!


The lighting in these photos are horendous, but it gives you the idea! Plus the lighting in my bathroom makes me look really shiny! It’s the highlighter hehe.. So that is all for this weeks top tip! I hope this was helpful :)

Until next time my loves,

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    1. Thankyou so much love! I have already completed this award.. I nominated you for it too hehe! It was a while ago! Thankyou so much though, really appriciate it :) xoxo

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