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Well what do you know? It’s time for another beginner beauty series post! This one is all about concealers, and if there’s one thing I love.. it’s a concealer. Of course, many of these you will already of guessed as I talk about them all the time. So let’s just jump straight in huh? 


Concealers can come in two different forms. One for your under eye area, and one for your blemishes. There is a difference between these two concealers, but there is also ways you can work around them. Any concealer that comes in a tube or a brush tip applicator are usually meant for the under eye areas. This is to cover dark circles, pigmentation and redness. Under eye concealers can be used for blemishes, but some might not have such great coverage. Under eye concealers are usually less heavy, as they are meant for a delicate area of the face. Concealers made for blemishes however are usually found in palettes, or pans. They are heavy duty and full full coverage. Of course, there are no rules to makeup so they can be used under the eyes, but they are not as moisturising and they are harder to blend which could tug at your eye area. That’s irritating.. literally. I want to share with you some all round great concealers, that are great for both the under eye and blemishes, have good coverage and are super affordable! I will try and keep this post short and sweet, but there are a lot I want to recommend for you!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer


My first concealer and I go way back. This was possibly one of the first concealers I ever bought and I still love it now. The colour range is not great, there are four shades I believe but if you are pale, the first shade 01 is perfect for super pale people. This concealer has more of a yellow/neutral undertone, and it really brightens the under eye area. I also love this concealer for blemishes as it has amazing coverage. I wouldn’t say it is full full coverage, but it is definitely medium at the least. It covers dark circles, redness.. the lot! A little word of warning however, I have found out the hard way that this concealer can get cakey real quick. Using a damp beauty blender will be your best friend when it comes to blending out concealer as it picks up all the excess product and blends everything like a dream.

Nyx HD Concealer


I have recently reviewed this product, so if you would like to know more you can check that out here. This concealer is amazing for a more full coverage. The have 11 shades, so i’m sure there is a shade to suit everyone. It blends out beautifully, and it doesn’t get cakey! I would recommend this concealer for dry skin, or people with dry under eyes as this concealer is an emollient which means it softens the skin. So not only is it great for concealing, it also helps your skin. This concealer has a slight peach undertone which is great for people who have more prominent dark circles.

Max Factor Master Touch Under Eye Concealer


This concealer is one I don’t use often, simply as the colour match is wrong. I wouldn’t recommend this concealer for blemishes as it is not great at covering them long term, but for under the eye it is lovely. I literally looks like skin. I would recommend this concealer for more oily skin types, as it doesn’t clog pores and it is super light on the skin. Not only is it really light, it looks so natural. The bad thing about this concealer is that it only comes in four shades. I have the lightest shade 303 and it is too dark for me, but if I mix it with a brighter concealer, It looks lovely. This concealer is really creamy too so it is very moisturising.

Rimmel Match Perfection 2-1 Concealer


This concealer is a little different to the others as it is a highlighter as well as a concealer. It is not much different to other concealers, although I find it to be a little bit more brightening and dewy. What I love about this concealer is that is is skin tone adapting, which is really handy but I do sometimes find this a little too warm toned. It is a dream to blend, the formula is nice and creamy and the coverage is pretty good too! I wouldn’t use this on blemishes as it is highlighting and could make them stand out, but other than that this concealer is a great one!


Quick Tip: To save building up layers when you want your under eye area to be slightly highlighted, choose a shade that is one shade lighter than your skin type. This will highlight and brighten the under eye without having to add lots of different products to that area. Blending everything out with a damp beauty blender will also stop the product being too heavy under the eye and will blend it like a dream. Just make sure that you squeeze all of the water out of the sponge and then wrap it in a towel to take away any excess moisture so it is not dripping wet.


So that is all for concealer! I hope you enjoyed and found some of this info helpful! I love these products as they are really affordable and easy to use for beginners!

Have you tried any of these concealers? Do you think they are worth the money? What are your favourites? 

Until next time,

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    1. Thankyou love :) I do really like it:) There are 11 shades, including some colour correcting ones. I am the lightest shade which looks a little peach at first, but once you blend it out it lightens up loads.. plus you barely need any! xoxo

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