The Affordable ‘Kylie Jenner’ Makeup

Hello beautiful people!


I’m back with my last scheduled post of the week. It is all about how to get features like Kylie Jenner but for half the price! I have picked out a few products that help to achieve those beautiful nude lips and shiny lids, not to mention those lashes which i’m sure can create a slight wind when fluttered! I have selected five products that helped me create my Kylie Jenner inspired makeup look. So what are they? 

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Powder


It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner and the whole of her family are well bronzed. Being more on the pale side, I need the help of a little bronzer to get my skin looking like it has been naturally hit by the sun. This bronzer is a life saver for us pale girls (which can also be purchased in a darker shade), it looks so natural and is not too orange toned. It creates that Kylie bronze which, lets face it, we all desire.

Sleek Contour Kit


Of course, Kylie and all her siblings are fond of a mean contour. This contour palette from Sleek is perfect for a more dramatic contour, and not to mention the fact that it blends like a dream.. you can get the flawless contour like Kylie using one small product! Perfection..

w7 In The Buff Palette


The well known dupe for the Naked 2 palette, these eye shadows have every colour you need for those shimmering gold lids. Simply apply a bit of ‘Chocolate’ through the crease, and ‘Camel’ on the lid for a super easy and quick Kylie eye. All in one palette! Don’t forget that lower lash line though!

Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear Lashes


These gorgeous lashes are perfect for more dramatic, yet beautiful fluttery lashes. They are such great quality and they are really easy to apply. They give you the length and volume of Kylie’s long lashes, but you don’t have to splash the cash either. A must have for a Kylie Jenner inspired makeup look!

Collection Cream Puff


So finally, for those legendary lips I have found the perfect lip product. This product is the one that inspired this whole post. The collection cream puff is a matte lip cream that is very pigmented and super matte. The shade I bought was ‘Angel Delight’ which to me, is the perfect Kylie shade. It applies as a cream, and feels super moisturising on the lips. As it dries it turns matte and it doesn’t. go. anywhere. It is so lightweight on the lips, most of the time you don’t know it is there! I have been on the hunt for a lip product to give me those pouty nude lips.. and I feel like I finally have it!

Tip: If you have thin lips, but feel like you want more pouty lips like Kylie Jenner’s.. you don’t have to splash the cash on lip injections. Simply contouring your lips by highlighting your cupids bow and contouring under the bottom lip will give a more pouty appearance. If you still feel like they could be bigger.. may I introduce you to lip liners! Slightly over lining your lips will give a fuller lip illusion. Who needs lip injections?

So there we have it! Five super affordable products that will give you that Kylie Jenner look but won’t break the bank. Here is the finished look…

IMG_5884IMG_5889 IMG_5890-1

What are your favourite products to achieve a Kylie Jenner makeup look? 

Until next time beauty buddies!

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