August Favourites!

Hello loves!

I am back from my camping trip. As much as I enjoyed myself, it is definitely nice to sleep in my own bed! & Of course, it is even better to be back to my little bubble! So to get straight back into things, I wanted to do my August Favourites! This month, I have definitely been loving a few products.. mainly makeup related but of course I have thrown in another book series that I have been loving and some other things that have made my month. Let’s do this…

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream


This product has been my go-to over foundation for this past month. I have been loving the benefits of using a bb cream rather than a foundation and I love how natural and light wearing it is! This bb cream is super moisturising and hydrating, giving my skin room to breathe and I have seen a major improvement when it comes to how clear my skin is. It gives just the right amount of dewy goodness mixed with healthy looking skin and a fresh glow to the face. It evens out my skin beautifully without ever looking cakey or too much and the super light coverage is so lovely. I have just been loving this product a little too much!

Nyx HD Concealer


It’s safe to say that I have raved about this product a little too much recently. If you would want to know why, then you can read my full review here.. but honestly, this is one of the nicest concealers I have used recently as it has got amazing coverage, it is super moisturising under my eyes and it doesn’t crease on me. Plus it is super affordable! I have nearly used mine up, it has been well and truly loved!

Castor Oil


This may seem a little weird, but I have been loving this castor oil recently for a few different things.. but mainly for more ‘medical’ purposes. I think that’s the right word. I have tiny skin tags all over my neck, and as annoying as they are I suppose I am lucky as I can feel them more than see them. I read online that castor oil is a great natural remedy for removing them, and I have definitely seen an improvement. I have been applying this castor oil to my neck for a couple of weeks, and I have really felt an improvement and they are definitely getting smaller. Of course I just had to throw this into my favourites!

Real Techniques Stipling Brush


I have rekindled my love for this brush recently for pretty much all of my cream product needs. This brush was the first ever brush that I purchased from real techniques and lately I have been loving using cream products. This brush literally does it all, it is great for blending and applying products and giving a beautiful finish. It doesn’t leave my face looking streaky and it doesn’t emphasize my dry patches. I am also a big lover of the stippling technique, so I was always going to love this brush. It is so multi-functional also! I have been using this for my base.. bb cream/foundation, cream bronzer, cream brush and even my cream illuminators.

Max Factor Pan Stik


Continuing from the above favourite, I have been loving this pan stik for cream contour/bronzing. This is technically a foundation stick, but I bought this is a few shades darker. I love how easily this blends into my skin, it is very pigmented so a little goes a long way but this thing is lasting me forever! I love the shape as I can use the edges to really calve out my features or I can use the flat top to dab the product over my skin to bronze. I also love how this doesn’t look cakey and it doesn’t move anywhere! Such a great little product.

P.S Love Toiletries Bag


As you guys know, this month I have been away a lot! This little guy has been my savour for transporting all of my makeup and skin care. The size is perfect as I can fit all of my makeup plus my skin care products and moisturisers in this bag and it also allows me to take my makeup brushes without them being to cramped! Not to mention the very nice pattern to put the cherry on the top.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Nautral Lipstick – Nude 235


This lipstick is another favourite of mine for this month. It is the perfect nude shade, and it is definitely a very natural wearing lipstick. This shade really reminds me of one that was worn by Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.. so of course, I love it!

Sylvia Day Crossfire Series


By now it will be no secret that I am a lover of the ‘billionaire meets everyday girl and falls in love but messes things up with the endless amount of drama and the odd ‘raunchy’ seen’ kind of books. (Fifty shades etc) This next series has been one I am re-reading this month and I really forgot how good it was. This book has way more of a story line to it than fifty shades, which makes it so much easier to get into because it’s not all about the explicit stuff. There is so much drama and excitement in this book that I have not been able to put it down. The only downfall about this book is the language. I’m not going to lie, the sex scenes are very explicit and the ‘C’ word that I hate is mentioned a few times. But I can over look that as it’s such an intense love story and we always love it when the guy gets the girl!

So there we have it my friends, my August favourties! Let me know what yours are as I would love to know..

Have you tried any of these favourites? What did you like/dislike about them?

Until next time beauties,

8 thoughts on “August Favourites!

  1. You mentioned using your Real Techniques Stippling Brush for a whole range of product types, just curious but do you rinse or clean the brush between products or what? I’m hopeless when it comes to brushes haha x


    1. I have two different stipling brushes so sometimes I use one for lighter products and one for the darker products. But if I use just the one brush I will start with the lighter products like foundation and illuminators, then I will do the bronzer/contour then blush. I always do blush last as my cream blushes are very bright and I don’t want a pink toned contour hehe. I also apply a really small amount at a time and blend it out so I don’t have loads of product left on my brush to avoid spreading it in areas I don’t want. I clean my foundation brushes with a brush cleaner every week, just because I find they build up quickly. It varies though, depending on how much I have used the brush that week, if i’ve barely used it I won’t bother.. anything to avoid that chore hehe! I do apologise for this extremely long reply, but that is pretty much it:) Hope it helps love xoxo

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