The Winged Liner For Hooded Eyes

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I am one of many people that have the pleasure of hooded eyes. If i’m honest they are a pain in the arse! Especially when it comes to winged liner. Over the last couple of months I have been practicing, practicing, practicing to try and find a way that I can wear winged liner, without it getting lost under my hood or the wing itself drooping under the weight of my hood. I am finally ready to share with you my tips on how I achieve winged liner for my very hooded eyes! If it works on me, I am sure it will work on you.. my eyes are extremely hooded, as you can see!

What Are Hooded Eyes?


Hooded eyes are when you have a piece of skin that droops over the crease onto the mobile lid, leaving just a small amount of the mobile lid (red line) showing. This means that when you are applying your eye makeup, it is likely that the hood (orange line) will hide some of the makeup. Especially when it comes to winged liner.

Tools For The Job At Hand


My favourite eye liner to use is the Rimmel Exaggerate Gel Liner – 001 Black. It is a really nice creamy liner that makes application glide onto my lids with out dragging or tugging at my eye area. I would also recommend using an angled eyeliner brush. I got this J&J Beauty Angled Eyeliner Brush from eBay for about £1. I love using this brush for eye liner as it is extremely thin, meaning that you can get a really precise line.

The Trouble Of Hooded Lids


On my right eye, I have shown you a little demo of how hooded lids affect winged liner. I closed my eye and created a line from my outer corner up towards my brow. As you can see, once I open my eye, the hood pushes the line down creating a curve instead of a straight line.


With my eye still closed, I went ahead and applied my wing like somebody without a hood would do! After I created the first line, I then connected this line back to my lash line, then connected that line to my inner corner.


As you can see, when I open my eye a lot of the liner gets lost beneath my hood. As my hood comes quite low down on my mobile lid, the liner is pretty much covering the whole thing, leaving my eyes looking small and very puffy. It also gives no room for shadow (if you want to apply shadow that is). It leaves the lines of my liner looking very uneven and bendy.

Working Around The Hood!

Here are a few tips and a little how-to on working around the hood of your eye to get an even beautiful liner. It has taken me some time to master this, and I still have some more learning to do, but I feel like this technique really works.

IMG_6958 IMG_6994

Of course, when you dip your brush into your gel liner it’s likely that you will get a little too much product on your brush. I use the lid of the gel liner to use back and forward wiping motions to remove any excess product and to create a really sharp edge on the brush. This will help your lines be more precise.


Excuse the blurriness! 

With my winged liner, I have learnt that thinner is better for hooded eyes that is. You want to leave as much of the mobile lid showing a possible to prevent the hood looking even droopier and puffy.


I always start at the wing of the liner. There are two rules I follow for creating the wing.

  1. With eyes open, I start by drawing a line from my outer corner up towards my brow bone. Always start this line underneath where your hood ends. This will prevent the hood from weighing down the line.
  2. When bringing the back line in to the lash line, never go from the top of the line you just created. Start on the mobile lid, underneath the hood. Don’t worry if the line is messy, this is just a guideline.
  3. I then join this line to my inner corner using a very thin line!


Once the guide line is in place, I fill in any gaps and pull the skin on my eye tight. This way I could go over my guide lines to create a really sharp line. This technique is great as by keeping your eye open you know how the liner is going to end up once you have finished. It creates such a lovely wing without the hood effecting the shape.

Quick Tip: Brush cleaners such as the No7 Makeup Brush Cleaner are great as once you have completed your winged liner, you can quickly clean off the excess product on the brush. This will prevent the liner from drying on the brush, as it will make the next application so much more difficult. Starting with a clean, flexible brush is always important when doing a winged liner.
IMG_6957 IMG_6985

So there we have it, a really simple technique for winged liner that won’t leave your liner all wonky! I hope that this made sense enough, and will help even a couple of you!

Until next time my loves,

8 thoughts on “The Winged Liner For Hooded Eyes

    1. I know! I’m happy that ive finally found a way to do a wing.. even though i dont wear them often! All i used to wear was winged liner but recently ive been more aware of my hoods so i havent bothered xoxo

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  1. I rarely do a winged liner because of my hooded eyes. This is a great tutorial! You can really see the wing without it getting lost. Love it! Thanks for sharing!


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