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Hello my loves!

It is that time of the week again, so I am coming at you with another top tip! This weeks tip is going to be centered all around 10 tips to help watery and sensitive eyes. I personally suffer with watery and sensitive eyes and it can be very annoying, especially as I wear makeup the majority of the time! Here are some tips I have learnt that have helped me deal with my very awkward eyes. 



When applying your eye makeup, it is best to apply it before your face makeup. I have learnt that if you do your face makeup first, if your eyes water when applying your eye makeup it can completely ruin your concealer and foundation. Applying your eye shadows etc first will mean that you can clean up any water from under your eyes and then go in with your face makeup so nothing gets ruined.



Use a primer for your eye shadow. It will help to reduce fall out and reduce the risk of getting anything getting in your eyes.. plus it will make your shadows more intense and stay in place all day. If you don’t have an eye shadow primer, use a concealer instead! It’s just to help everything stick.



To continue from my last tip, when you are using eye shadow or any powder substance near or on your eyes, make sure to tap off any excess powder before applying it to your eyes. This will also reduce fall out that may make your eyes watery and sensitive.



Make sure to clean your eye brushes. This will help reduce bacteria from getting in and around your eyes which could irritate them. Which is never a good thing with already sensitive eyes! 



Avoid putting eye shadows to close to the waterlines of your eyes. If you are creating a dark smokey eye and you want to line your lash lines use a pencil rather than a shadow. This will reduce the risk of any shadows flicking into your eyes creating your very own water fall!



Be aware of your surroundings. This may sound a little funny, but when I apply my makeup I am usually sat in front of my window and I will usually have a fan on me (i get hot very easily). If it is sunny, my eyes will be very sensitive to the light and will water.. also, the fan can blow any dust particles in the air directly to my face which can get in my eyes and make me look like this ^.



Waterproof mascara!!!! This will be your best friend when you have watery eyes. Also, using waterproof eyeliners for your water line will also ensure that it stays in place, just make sure to dry off the water line first so the application is flawless.



When buying skin care for your eyes be sure to purchase items that are specifically for sensitive skin. This way they will have no scent and they will be super gentle so they won’t irritate your eyes. It is also important to keep your under eye area hydrated to reduce flaky skin and irritation.



Don’t use any products that are too heavy or dry around the eyes. For example, I love concealer but I try not to add too many layers. I won’t apply foundation under my eyes where the concealer will be as layering up products can be a little heavy under my eyes. I also like to use a small amount of a creamy hydrating concealer, when things don’t quite go to plan.. a damp beauty blender will pick up any mistakes after i’ve been a little heavy handed! 



Of course, last but not least.. Make sure not to rub your eyes too much, or if you are putting your hands any where near your eyes then make sure they are clean. If they are not clean then this will just transfer any bacteria and dirt into your eyes which will irritate them even more!

So there are my top ten tips for watery and sensitive eyes. I hope these were helpful in some way to some of you! These are just a few that I have found really work for me!

So until next time my loves!

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    1. Thankyou love! Dont worry you’re not the only one.. I always forget then complain when my makeup is ruined haha! I’d love to :) hope you’ve had a lovely day too love xoxo

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