Beginner Beauty Series | Blush

Well hello again,

So, who is ready for another Beginner Beauty Series post? I am! Especially as we are now getting into the more colourful items, such as blushes and bronzers and lip products. This week, as you can see, is based all around blushes! We have finally moved on from our base items such as primers, foundations, concealers and powders. Now it is time to get into the fun stuff! There are so many different blushes out there, from shimmery to matte, and a whole range of colours! If I’m honest, the majority of blushes out there are great, so for a beginner it is really easy to just pick a shade you love and go. For this post, I want to share with you a couple of different products with different finishes and just really nice, inexpensive blushes that aren’t too chalky or can be easily overdone. 


Blushes are products that give your face that healthy glow. It makes your complexion look more alive and fresh, like you have got a good blood circulation and you’ve just been given a very generous compliment. I find blush is the product that gives your face dimension and stops that ‘flat face’ syndrome (as does contouring). I love blush as it just adds that pop of colour to your face and gives you a nice healthy looking complexion. I have carefully selected some products that have great colour ranges, are super affordable and have great formulas. It was so hard to choose but I have selected four different blushes.. that will keep you flushed until your face is content. Some mattes for people that tend to get oily around the cheek area, some gorgeous shimmers for normal skin types that just want that glow and some beautiful creamy, silky, satin blushes for a beaming complexion for us more dry skinned gals.

Sleek Blush


This is my number one recommendation for any new beginners. These powder blushes are to die for. As many of you will know, Sleek is a brand namely in the UK so I have included some other brands that can be accessed internationally. The great thing about these blushes is the colour range and finishes. Sleek have such a range of colours in their blush line, going from super nude matte peach shades to pretty pinks and back to deep simmering plumy shades. These blushes will suit all skin tones, and the formula of these blushes are gorgeous. For beginners I would be careful of the pigmentation of these bad boys. They can be easily overdone so I would recommend adding a little at a time, but they blend in so easily and really are just gorgeous blushes. The matte shades would also be really great for people who have more oily cheek areas. These blushes will stay in place all day, so a matte blush will be perfect for oily skin and staying on the cheeks throughout the day! Well done Sleek!

Milani Baked Blush


Oh boy. These blushes are highly talked about in the beauty world, for good reasons! These baked blushes are the perfect addition to any beginner beauty bag. The range of colours is great, they all have different finishes from matte to shimmery and they will last you a hell of a long time! What I love about these blushes is that they are not easily overdone. Being baked, you would think that a little would go a long way but in fact I find that they are easy to build up, but you can’t really over do it! This is perfect for beginners as the blush does the work for you, if you feel you need more, add a little more and it will still look lovely. I love ‘Luminoso’ especially for pale skin as it has a really nice shimmer to it, giving a really nice glow to the skin whilst also being a really nice nude shade. Super easy to blend, not at all chalky and just really really nice!

Essence Silky Touch Blush


These blushes are gems to me! I picked these up for about £1.30? They are gorgeous. I would recommend these blushes for normal/dry skin, as although they are powder, they have a gorgeous satiny finish to them. It gives the skin the healthiest looking glow without big chunks of glitter in it, and they are so lightweight on the skin. The formula is lovely, it feels like.. well, silk! Really smooth and blendable. These are a great pop of colour to any makeup look!

Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer


For me, cream blushes are taking it up a notch. But I think we can handle it right?! Cream blushes for me are easy to over do, and a little harder to blend without ruining the rest of your makeup. But these blushes have such a gorgeous formula and are all round great blushes for just £1! They are perfect for beginners. I would recommend these blushes for dry/very dry skin. Any cream product is going to be great for dry skin! These vivid blush laquers are super pigmentated, so you would only need to pump out about an M&M sized amount. That’s right, they have pumps! The blend really nicely, although I would recommend patting these onto the skin just to avoid ruining the rest of your makeup. They have some gorgeous shades in this range and they stick to your face for hours upon hours! I also find that these blushes set on the face which means you don’t have to pile up the powder to set it, leaving you with a radiant pop of colour on the apples of your cheeks. Beautiful, just beautiful.

Quick Tips: If you are having trouble choosing a colour of blush, look at the inside of your lip and choose the closest match. This will make your blush look really natural (although any colour will be beautiful!). Also, when applying blush, the easiest way to apply it is to smile alot and add it to the chubbiest part of the cheeks (the apple). If applying a cream blush, use a stippling brush or your fingers to pat the product into the skin. Finally, blending is key! Blend that blush for a seamless, flawless flush of colour.


So my loves, that is all I have to say about blushes for now! I hope you enjoyed and found this remotely helpful.

Until next time you beautiful people,

11 thoughts on “Beginner Beauty Series | Blush

  1. I am in a blush mood as of late. There is always a little voice saying “Hey! You’ve got a lot of blushes right now! You don’t need anymore!” but another voice is saying “You deserve it and look at the Shade,finish, PRICE and whatnot” Ugh! Could you recommend some good blushes from other brands such as L’Oreal, Maybelline, MAC and others? These gorgeous blushes aren’t sold locally here :)


    1. I went through that phase and now I have enough blushes to last me a lifetime, unfortunately I tend to stick to the same brands. I was looking through my collection trying to find some more blushes to recommend for you, but I realised I don’t have many more I would recommend. There is however some really nice blushes by Rimmel that I enjoy, they have shimmer in them but they are still gorgeous. I have also heard amazing things about the MAC Melba blush apparently is amazing for so many skin tones! xoxo

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      1. That is super great to hear! I know the struggles but I do go throuh a rotation of which products to use for each day, week or event plus I love shimmer blushes, no need for highlighter. I’m trying the strobbing method and I love it! gives me a fresh look :D


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