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Hello lovelies!

I have decided that I wanted to start another series, but this time it will be an ongoing series. I always tell you about the things I love, but never the things I find dissapointing. This series will be all about the best and worst of products or brands. I will be covering all sorts of things from brands such as Makeup Revolution to Rimmel to Maybelline, through to concealers, eyeshadow palettes and contour kits.

*I feel like I need to add a little disclaimer here just to clarify that I am in no way ‘digging’ into a brand but it is just my opinion on what I enjoy and what I find a little underwhelming. I will be truthful of course, but I am not trying to change anyone else’s opinion on a product. Also I have not tried every single product in this brand so if you would like to tell me what you love and what is worth purchasing I will be forever in you favour!*


Eye Shadow Palettes

IMG_7303 IMG_7320

If you have heard about Makeup Revolution, chances are it is because of their eye shadow palettes. I could go through this section giving you names of all the different palettes I love, but we would be here a long time. The eye shadows from this brand are such good quality for such budget prices and they come in such a range of colours and finishes. I personally really enjoy the Ultra Matte Palette and the Iconic Palettes. What is also great about Makeup Revolution is that they do so many dupes for high end palettes, I am planning on another post to show you all the dupes, but over all the palettes from this cosmetic brand are just top notch, and worth every penny.

Baked Highlighter

IMG_7306 IMG_7332

I own one of these highlighters as it is the best colour to suit my skin, but honestly if you are in to really ‘in your face’ highlighters then this will be your best friend. What I love about them is that they last so long and you can either use them sparingly for less drama, or normally for an amped up highlight. Plus, again they are super cheap and so worth it.

Vivid Blush Lacquer

IMG_7318 IMG_7328

I have talked about these blushes non stop, because they need to be talked about really. They are super pigmented cream blushes that set on the skin and blend really easily. For £1 this is most definitely one of the best products from this brand.

Mono Eyeshadows

IMG_7334 IMG_7336

These individual eye shadows are amazing for again £1. They are really large in size and they come in a range of different colours. I use these eye shadows for contouring, highlighting and for use as eye shadows. They are really pigmented and blendable, and just really great.


Ultra Bronze

IMG_7308 IMG_7330

This product isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s bad for me. I got this as a contour shade as it was way to dark to bronze on my pale skin. It just doesn’t work as either for me, I have a very fair complexion and this was the only shade that they came in. So the product isn’t necessarily bad, just the colour range.

Fix & Focus Liquid Concealer

IMG_7316 IMG_7322

Being the concealer junkie I am, I love a good bargain concealer. This one I picked up for £2.. but there is a reason it is so cheap. This concealer pretty much has zero coverage whatsoever. It is more of a highlighter, if that. I don’t mean to be rude about the product but to me this just isn’t a concealer as it doesn’t conceal anything for me.

The One Fluid Blusher

IMG_7314 IMG_7326

These liquid blushes are in my ‘worst section’ as I don’t think the formula is quite right for me. They are very watery and don’t hold much pigment. I have applied this and they apply gorgeously if you want a really subtle blush, but they are also hard to work with. I can’t put some on my hand then dip my brush into it as it is so watery it will just run off my hand, and I can’t squirt it onto my brush as it will just soak it right up. I just don’t really understand these blushes and I would definitely recommend the other Vivid Lacquer Blushes instead.

Pure Pigments

IMG_7312 IMG_7324

Finally we have these little pigments. The reason they fall into this section is because the colour pay off is pretty poor for me. They are gorgeous don’t get me wrong, and look really good with subtle shimmery eyes, but for a pigment I was expecting a little more of just that.. pigmentation. I still use them however especially the brown shade when I am doing a taupe smokey eye.

So that is my first ever Best & Worst series post for you guys, I hope you enjoyed! It is always handy to know what products aren’t really worth it, in my opinion.

Until next time my loves,

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