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I know, I know.. I am two whole days late for this post. I do apologise. Every time I have sat down to write this post something has come up that has dragged me away from my computer, but it’s finally here! I have a few different ideas for my top tip posts and today’s one is all about Tricks To Covering Scars. I personally have two scars on my eyebrows so I will include some tips for covering scars on skin and tips for covering scars on brows. Just in case anyone is in the same little boat as me! This post will also include some acne coverage tips for acne scarring. I peronally have never suffered with acne, but the first ever youtuber I was obsessed with was Stephanie Lange who didn’t fail to deliver when it came to acne tips and tricks! 

Eyebrow Scars



I have two scars on my eyebrows, one in the hairs and one underneath where I would ‘highlight’. If you suffer with scars that are in the eyebrow then the number one trick would be to use a tinted wax. When filling in your eyebrows, sometimes pencils and powders just don’t stick to the area and can make your eyebrows look uneven. A tinted wax is your best bet in getting your brow product to stick to your eyebrows. Or if you just want your pencil to last longer on your brows, set is with a same coloured powder and it should make it last that little bit longer.

Face Scars


I’m sure somewhere along the line we have heard of a little trick called highlighting. Some of you may be thinking ‘What?’ ‘Why would you want your scars to be highlighted?’. The point of highlighting is to bring something forward. If you have concave scars then you want to bring that peice of skin forward to make it look at an even level with the rest of your face. Taking a small detailer brush or fine liner brush and a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone, run it only through the concave part of the scar. This will highlight the dent of the scar making it appear more forward. Don’t use a shimmery product for this however and it will make it stand out even more and bring attention to it.

Acne Scars


The first thing that I would recommend for acne prone skin is to always start with a clean face before applying any product to it. This has nothing to do with covering them, but it is a very important step so I thought I would add it in!

Before you start applying any kind of coverage to your face, you want to make sure that you use a good primer that is suitable for your skin type. You don’t want any coverage to move throughout the day.

Unfortunately, makeup will not be able to smooth out the texture of your skin. You may feel like adding layers of product to cover your scars will smooth over the texture, but really it will emphasize it. I have talked about how different layers of products can cause more texture aka cake face a couple of times before. From what I have learned, the best thing for acne scarring is to use a very lightweight, full coverage foundation rather than concealer. This will stop build up on or around your scars that could bring attention to it. The full coverage will also help cover any redness around the scars.


The last step that I would recommend is to never buff anything into the skin. If you have acne, you don’t want to be spreading it all over your face. Using a clean sponge or brush and patting any product into place will keep any bacteria in one area, and it won’t spread your acne. Once you are happy with the coverage, be sure to set it with a matte powder to hold everything in place.


So there we have it, some quick simple steps to covering scars of any kind. Before I go, I just want to say that no matter what kind of scars you have whether it is from an accident or from acne, you do not always have to cover yourself up with makeup. Despite the tips I just gave you.. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and if you don’t want to cover them then you don’t have to!

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